Friday, January 6, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 6, 2012

State Sen. Mike Jackson
That 100,000 job creation number Mitt Romney keeps citing...about that...

Another meeting of conservative elites is convening to deal with the "Romney Problem."

While Rick Perry is off gallivanting in early primary/caucus states, who the Hell is running Texas?

Jamaica, a place of significant anti-gay sentiment, has a pro-gay (and the first female) Prime Minister.

While many (myself included) criticized Obama & congressional Democrats for not going far enough with the Affordable Care Act (or ("Obama Care"), it looks like some unmentioned part of the bill will create huge, unexpected, and positive changes in the system.

Rick Santorum wants us to believe he hasn't spent a lot of time talking about LGBT issues (and how he's against them).

If you think Santorum's assault on civil liberties stops at the LGBT community, think again.

Here are a collection of outrageous, extreme, and discriminatory statements made by Santorum on multiple topics in the campaign so far.

To round out today's pile-on of Rick Santorum, his conservative credentials may take a hit given his record on unions (keep in mind he represented Pennsylvania). Ironically, this part of his record doesn't look so bad...unless you're a Republican.

Governor Chris Gregoire
The New Hampshire legislature wants to take the state back about 800 years.

New York City is the latest city to condemn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Speaking of Citizens United, the Montana Supreme Court has essentially told it to get stuffed.

Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington wants her state to recognize marriage equality.

And lastly, Steven Hill, the soldier who was booed during a GOP debate sponsored by the Tea Party on Fox, talks about the dangers of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (obviously I'm a little late to this video).

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