Friday, January 27, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 27, 2012

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) is getting some blow-back from African-American leaders after suggesting a referendum on marriage equality.

In all seriousness, everyone should keep their kids away from Rick Santorum.

Not only does America dislike Rick Perry, apparently so do most Texans.

Given how some of these debate audiences have reacted, I'm almost inclined to say keep them quiet.

It's strange to think that a member of the Catholic Church has done something even remotely pro-gay. I guess miracle DO happen.

It seems like Gingrich is taking a page out of the Santorum book on same-sex marriage. And Gingrich knows all about marriage, just not successful ones.

With tomorrow being the day of the Florida Republican Primary, what is Team Obama hoping for?

And lastly, Maine may see the return of marriage equality.

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