Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 11, 2012

OK Rep. Mike Reynolds
And the winner of yesterday's New Hampshire Primary was Romney with Paul in second and Huntsman in third.

An Oklahoma legislator wants to enact a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy for the state's national guard. Way to take your state backwards sir.

Rick Santorum is perfectly fine with America's youth being idiots and none-competitive in the global labor market. Seriously, this guy is now denouncing education and still getting votes?

Southern birthers were just knocked down by an Alabama court.

Pope Benedict XVI
That same mayor from Michigan who was caught making homophobic comments on Facebook has struck again. Some people refuse to learn their lesson.

With all of these GOP candidates talking about a federal ban on marriage equality, how likely is one to actually pass?

The Pope took some time out of his busy pedophile-defending schedule to denounce marriage equality. I'm not sure how a member of the Hitler Youth is qualified to moralize on anything, but whatever...
How much could college cost for kids born today? All I'm saying is that I'm glad I already have my degree.

After having the doors blown wide open on their anti-gay discrimination, the Salvation Army wants to have a sit-down.

Marge Baker of People For the American Way
Rather than facilitate a homophobic marriage amendment, a North Carolina election official wrote a scathing letter of resignation and has other plans for the measure.

The movement to undo the damage done by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is gaining steam.

Groups in Illinois are starting to lay the groundwork for a run at marriage equality in 2013.

And lastly, "The Simpsons" parody Fox and Glenn Beck.

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