Monday, January 23, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 23, 2012

Rep. Gabby Gifford (D-AZ)
Gabby Giffords has made an announcement about her future in Congress.

Saturday saw Newt Gingrich take the South Carolina Primary. Here are some Twitter reactions.

Here you can see a rundown of the exit polling. There is one group that Mitt Romney won which surprises no one: those making $200,000+.

Up next in the GOP nomination process: Florida!!!

Grindr was hacked, releasing the information of 100,000 users. Luckily for Republicans, this happened in Australia.

I'm pretty sure that Bryan Fischer of the so-called American Family Association double majored in Theocracy and Fuzzy Math. That, or I have some catching up to do.

FRC President Tony Perkins
Seriously, why do so many people like Chuck Norris? Obviously, his judgment is terrible.

I'm not the only person to have written Rick Santorum an open letter. This is a very eloquent piece on his parenting views.

First, Tony Perkins doesn't know what the meaning of judgmental is (he should look in the mirror to find out). Second, why do media outlets (including the left/progressive leaning MSNBC) have this guy on as an expert for anything other than hate-mongering?

And lastly, it's amazing the things about Ronald Reagan that the GOP ignores...

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