Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oppositional Hypocrisy

I was half-asleep the other day when a thought occurred to me. 

All of us that keep up with the fight for LGBT rights have heard more times than we care to remember people who are against equality say things like "We should not be creating new classes of protected people" or "We should not be handing out special rights." What occurred to me was the fact that most people in this country live in a legal jurisdiction (whether local or state) that has some type of non-discrimination law or laws. These laws usually cover people based on national origin, race, gender, and many other things. They also often include religion. The very people who are against "special rights" have for themselves "special rights." The idea that "special rights" are okay if they are for you, but not if they are for someone else is pretentious beyond belief. Of course the phrase special rights is only used by the opposition. What we in the LGBT community are fighting for are not special rights, we are fighting for equal rights. These rights are (or should be) a function of being a decent person to your fellow human beings, which is supposed to be one of the main tenants of Christianity, the one that gets conveniently skipped over far too often.

"If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, 'Love your neighbor as yourself,' you are doing right."
-James 2:8

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bachmann Saga: Dominatrix

Bryan Fischer: Criminalize Homosexuality

Actually what is standing in the way of criminalizing homosexuality is a little Supreme Court case called Lawrence vs. Texas (2003), not to mention the fact that most people aren't nearly as homophobic as Mr. Fischer here. It's really hard for me, since I try to use actual logic, to fathom how he can say thing like this and not expect people to call him hateful, a bigot, and so on. What does he expect, gay people to just sit and take the verbal abuse? Sorry to disappoint (not really).

Seriously, it's like he isn't even trying to come up with valid arguments anymore. This one was just too easy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Heartlessness From The Heartland

I really wish someone from her district that would mount a serious challenge against this woman for her congressional seat. She is far to dangerous to hold public office. With everything she has said and done (and not said and not done) as a public official, I feel as though her seat is ripe for the picking.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tool Time Award: Rabbi Yehuda Levin

An Open Letter to Rick Santorum

Dear Mr. Santorum,

Recently, I came across this video of you speaking with some of your reporters:

I have to point out some factual inaccuracies you have made, as well as other problems with these statements.

-Comparing anyone's relationship - whether you agree with it or not - to a napkin, a paper towel, a car, or any other inanimate object is not just incredibly insulting (though it seems that this is the point), it just sounds incredibly ignorant and foolish. It is not what most people want to hear for someone who is seeking to lead more than 300,000,000 people, especially given that fact that this nation faces far more pressing issues than the differences between a napkin and a paper towel.

-Yes marriage existed before there was the English language or a state, but it also existed before Christianity.

-Your contempt for the Lawrence vs. Texas decision shows that you are not for small non-intrusive government, but rather you are for a government that reaches into every aspect of people's lives, not matter how private or intimate. That is not conservative at all.

-Lastly, the fact that you actually think how people, the vast majority of whom you will never come into contact with, is your business is incredibly pretentious, not to mention it goes against one of the primary pillars of society: self-determination. How one lives their life is not for you to dictate any more than it is anyone else's business to tell you how to live your life. You have proven time and again how little you know about a nation and a people that you intend to govern. Let me tell you in very clear terms that anyone can understand: My life and how I live it IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS!!!

-Rob from VA

Marriage News Watch: August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rick Santorum's Marriage Problem

Rick Santorum, who is running for the Republican Presidential nomination has a substantial marriage problem. No I'm not talking about between he and his wife. He, being the very staunch social conservative that he is, is against marriage equality. I have heard that stance explained in many different ways by many different people. While I disagree with all of the explanations, I have to say that Santorum's have been particularly bad. Why? His problem is that he repeatedly has compared marriage and marriage equality to random objects. Let's roll through the list; napkins and paper towels, water and beer, tea and basketball, and the latest was cars and trees (did I miss anything?). It sounds more like a game of "I Spy" than a serious presidential contest. This man is campaigning ultimately to become the leader of the free world and these are the best talking points that he can come up with? It is particularly bad that these are the issues he is harping on when the unemployment rate is over 9%. People are looking for what candidates will do about the jobs situation and Rick Santorum is looking around to see what he will compare marriage to next.

It's little wonder that his poll numbers are so anemic.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan: Bought & Paid For

I'm sure Paul Ryan isn't the only politician who is in the hands of business instead of the people. He, however, is one of the primary reason that corporate personhood needs to be utterly abolished. It leads to this type of corruption and it is the people who get the raw end of the deal.

Politician Stumped in Town Hall

This just goes to show that you cannot defend the indefensible.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Remember when during the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Palin was interviewed by Katie Couric? Couric asked Palin if she read any newspapers to shape her worldview (a perfectly innocent question) and  Palin said yes. When asked which papers she read however, Palin was at a loss to name any....even just one. There was nothing tricky about it the question. Either you read newspapers or you don't. If you do, naming it/them should be a rather simple task. Palin later referred to this as a "gotcha" question.

Sarah Palin is not the first person to make such a claim, nor will she be the last. There does seem to be a pattern when people play the "gotcha question" card. The vast majority of times it is used, the person being asked the question does not like the question or just does not want to give the honest answer. Maybe they are asked about something they don't wish to discuss like Michele Bachmann and ex-gay "therapy." I recently posted a video where Governor Rick Perry (TX) was confronted with the FACT that abstinence-only sex education was not working and he looked stumped, fumbling for an explanation (P.S. the one he came up with was pretty much BS). That is the kind of situation where someone might pull the "gotcha question" card.

The thing is this. The nature of politics is such that politicians and public figures are put under a microscope. Their views and opinions, their statements, their writings, the lot of it. It's the nature of the beast. Questions like these deserve answers. It is not the media's fault that you look like an idiot unable to answer what is most likely a simple and straight-forward question, it is your own fault. If Palin and the rest can't handle the pressure of public spotlight, then they don't deserve the responsibility.

Tony Perkins Against ABC Family

Minnesota's Independence Party Comes Out Against Marriage Amendment

More Legislative Hypocrisy

The list of anti-gay politicians who get caught in gay scandals keeps getting longer. Here is the latest addition out of Indiana.

GOP For Tax Hikes...on Poor/Middle Class

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

I have been at work all day and away from a computer. Apparently there was an earthquake during that time, but I didn't feel it (my boss did...weird). A lot of people where weirded out because they didn't think earthquakes happened here (P.S. the happen everywhere). What I'm really wondering is how long it will take for Pat Robertson to blame this on the big bad gays...if he hasn't already.

Rick Perry on Abstinence Education

Here is what we know. We know that states that teach abstinence only education have far higher rates of teen pregnancy and teen sexually transmitted diseases compared to states that teach comprehensive sex education. This is because abstinence only education just does not work. I agree that people should refrain from sexual activity until they are emotionally mature enough to understand the ramifications of sex and sexual relationships. The problems is that most teen are not emotionally mature enough to understand that they should be emotionally mature before having sex. This is why it is so important to arm teens with knowledge so that they are far less likely to make mistakes when it comes to having SAFE sex. I have to wonder why people like Rick Perry are so against people having the requisite knowledge to help them avoid mistakes that could in one way or another haunt them for a very long time?

I would also think that conservatives social and fiscal, would be for comprehensive sex education. After all, this would mean fewer unwanted pregnancies and, thus, fewer abortions. It would also mean fewer people who would need welfare and other social programs and thus, less spending by the government. Everybody wins. But then again, this is me using something that too many social conservatives lack...LOGIC!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bachmann, Perry, & World Domination

Twitter Watch: Consider the Source

Bill Donahue, the President of the Catholic League, has a history of defending the Catholic church against pedophilia charges instead of actually working to get guilty priests out of the priesthood where they have no business being. This, however, almost surprised even me...almost.

Know Your Allies: Major League Baseball (Addendum)

The Seattle Mariners joined the ranks of the baseball teams who have lent their voices in the name of helping LGBT kids to find a ray of hope they may otherwise not have by adding themselves to the It Gets Better campaign.

Know Your Allies: Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)

It should also be noted that Senator Udall's home state of Colorado is one of the fronts in which the battle for marriage equality is playing out. It was recently reported that a super majority of Colorado residents support marriage equality. In addition, there is a push to reverse a 2006 Constitutional amendment which banned recognition of same-sex unions and to replace it with a measure to recognize same-sex unions.

Thank you Senator Udall.

Marriage New Watch: August 22, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's Last Best Hope is in Revolt

Michele Bachmann the Welfare Queen

I don't think this women  would facts/the truth if they fell on her like a sack of potatoes. She just keeps giving more and more reasons why she is unworthy of the United States Presidency (or for that matter, her seat in Congress).

Christine O'Donnell Walks Off

I guess it's a good thing she lost to Senator Chris Coons last year. He can actually take the heat that she can't.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warren Buffet: Tax the Rich

Lots of great point are made here by Cenk Uygur (who is doing the speaking here) and Warren Buffet (who wrote the op-ed being discussed). Despite the length of the video, it's definitely worth watching all the way through.

She Can't Get Anything Right

For the record, Elvis's birthday is January 8 (I remember because it's also my sister's birthday). Today was the anniversary of his death.

Koch Brothers For School Segregation

From "The Young Turks"

Goes to show why we need to get corporate money out of politics and why corporate "personhood" needs to be done away with.

Monday, August 15, 2011

TYT's Cenk Uygur Takes on CNN's Fareed Zakaria

For the record, I'm on Cenk's side on this argument. Obama has caved time and time again and this is why progressives and liberals are angry with him and, like Cenk said, it's why his approval ratings have hit an all-time low of 39%. If he doesn't start fighting for his base, he can kiss any chance of a second term good-bye (and this country would be screwed in the hands of almost any GOP contender in the field).

Today in Christianist Delusion...

Does he honestly think this thing in Detroit will cause millions of Muslims to convert to Christianity? This just goes to show how profoundly ignorant some people in this world are.

Iowans to Romney: Corporations Aren't People

Romney placed seventh in the Iowa Straw Poll this past weekend.

Homo Blood Ban

AFTAH, the group mentioned in this clip and whose President is Peter LaBarbera, has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Also, they recently lost their tax-exempt status.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Inevitable Happens: Pawlenty Ends Bid

I have seen many clips where Cenk Uygur (of The Young Turks) talked about Pawlenty being a joke of a candidate and the only people giving him the time of day weren't voters, just the media. Looks like he was correct.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Religious Wrong: A Plethora of Falsehoods

There is so much wrong with this video, hence this post's title. Let's start at the beginning.

As to the whole GOProud/CPAC thing, I think that deserves its own post (i.e. about gay conservative groups) which I will hopefully get to in the next few days, so I'll leave that alone here).

As to that "infallible" argument on homosexuality and human health (4:45), there are a couple of problems with that:

-That blood donation ban was implemented and perpetuated based on prejudices and stereotypes not on facts
-All donated blood is tested...ALL OF matter where/who it comes from, hence, the ban is unnecessary (Source)
-Saying that the ban is proof of need for the ban is circular reasoning and does not hold water

People also said the Titanic was unsinkable. So much for that in both cases.

The claim that he makes saying that Reuters says that gays comprise 2% of the population is, in my opinion, patently bogus. The main reason for me saying this is that there are some people who, for whatever reason, will not under any circumstances identify themselves as LGBT. The only way we would ever know an even quasi-accurate figure as to how many people are LGBT would be if we lived in a world where there were no anti-gay stigma. Until that happens, there is no reason to believe ANY study saying that X% of people are queer. This is such a basic notion that I'm not sure how much weight should be given to that article as a whole.

Fischer says at the end of this video that public policy should be guided by science. Well, the American Psychological Association just endorsed marriage equality based on years of research, so maybe he will be for marriage equality too, right? Fischer doesn't really believe in facts, or the consistency of his own statements, so maybe not.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Religious Wrong: Love From Bryan Fischer

For the record Mr. Fischer, yes, you have said things that should be taken back. Like...EVERYTHING you have ever said should be taken back. Also, just because someone disagrees with YOUR viewpoint doesn't make them radical, it probably just means that they have functioning brain cells.

Cuddle (Reparative) "Therapy" & Pervy Wankers

The video says it all:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Religious Wrong: Think of the Children

I think that what is really sad is that these kids are being kept from having the families they need because of the ignorance and prejudices of these adoption agencies. Instead of children going to families who can and will take care of them in every way that a child needs to be taken care of, they get nothing. 

From a legal standpoint, many of these adoption agencies are agents of the state, meaning that they work for the state. Think about this: if you are not doing the job that you were hired to do, what would happen to you? You would be fired. That is something virtually all of us can relate to in some way. So, because these agencies make the choice to not do their jobs and follow the guidelines of their employers, they will most likely end up fired as well.

From a Constitutional standpoint I don't know why federal funding is going to faith-based organizations of any kind. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

From a practical standpoint there are not enough opposite-sex couples who are willing and able to adopt. With so many children in need of homes and families it makes zero sense to deny any couple who is willing and able to adopt to do so.

This issue is not about equal rights for same-sex couples, it is about the needs of the children. Because of their dogmatic anti-gay stances, these children are being denied the families that they need. What do they think will happen to these un-adopted children when they reach adulthood and have no family safety-net to rely on? How will they afford college? Who do they turn to when they need advice? Who do they turn to when they need help? I know it may be impossible for people like Chuck Donovan to fathom, but same-sex couples are as able to provide all three (and more) as opposite-sex couples. That is what the studies truly say (remember that clip I posted of Senator Franken in the RFMA hearing...twice).

The Religious Wrong: The Bullying Hypocrisy

We all know of the incalculably large bullying problem, particularly in schools, that is faced by the LGBT community. Several incidents of suicides resulting from anti-gay bullying hit the national news last year not to mention several since, and who knows how many that did not reach the national news. Of course there is also that faced by LGBT adults, such as gay couples who are harassed merely walking down the street minding their own business. It is a rampant epidemic being ardently fought on multiple fronts.

Over the last few months however, I have become aware of many people on the other side saying it is the faithful who are being bullied. For example these people and organizations say that businesses that face boycotts because their leadership has voiced opposition to various gay rights are the true victims of bullies (versus, say, a kid who gets shot in the back of the head in the middle of class, or a kid who unknowingly gets streamed online with another man). The fact of the matter is that such a boycott, at least in my opinion, is far more valuable than taking such a business to court. Actions have consequences. Saying that a group of people is unworthy of rights because of who they are (when who they are causes no real harm to others) is going to get you in some type of trouble. While businesses and business leaders have the right to say what they want and what they believe, so do consumers. They may choose to do so by taking their money to a more enlightened business. 

This isn't bullying, it is the American way: power of the purse.

Having said all of that, it is incredibly hypocritical that these anti-gay organization accuse gay "activists" of being bullies for boycotting when they have at least attempted to do the same thing. The American Family Association (AFA) is calling for Home Depot, which is on record as supporting gay rights. The AFA in the past has also boycotted Ford (for two years) and various other auto-companies, McDonald's, Disney, and others.  So here is the question: how is it bullying when one group does something, but when another group does THE EXACT SAME THING, it is not?

I would submit that these people do not know what being bullied is really like and, thus, have zero credibility on the matter.

Fed-Up Progressives

Gabby Giffords Returns!!!

So much darkness has spewed out of the capitol of the United States of late. The return of Representative Gabrielle Giffords is perhaps the only good thing that has happened there and is truly an inspiring moment that pierces through the rest of the white-noise of politics.