Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Kiss Seen 'Round the World

Pretty much everyone has seen or heard about this photo by now. Some people hated it, some loved it. I admit, it still has me grinning like an idiot. Comments about it are everywhere, but I would still be remiss if I didn’t say something on the topic.

I think that for me, what this photo symbolizes is what the fight against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was all about. It’s about not having the burden of having to hide who you are or how you feel about some when you care deeply about them. It’s about being able to have the same kind of relationship that everyone else can have. It’s about being able to have moments like this when, for the first time in months or years, you see that person that you love. It’s even more special given that, according to an interview this soldier (Brandon Morgan) and his partner (Dalan Wells) gave, it was their first kiss.

This Marine Sergeant just got home from risking his life, serving his country, and protecting our freedom. The least he deserves is to jump into the arms of the man he has loved for four years, not mention tons of respect.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL servicemen and women (past and present) for protecting this country and what it stands for. I and all of us will forever be in your debt.

The Wrap-Up: February 29, 2012

Some Pennsylvanians are looking to make a little history.

18 University of Virginia students are trying to make a statement by going on a hunger strike.

How rich is Mitt Romney? Apparently rich enough to afford a time machine.

Perhaps Scott Walker and his people should get better at time management.

This pastor vastly overstepped his bounds and may be screwed as a result. That's what happens when one let's their zealotry go unchecked.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
As Rick Santorum accuses President Obama of a "phony theology," he should take a very long look in the mirror.

Speaking of religion, what ever happened to President Obama's faith council?

Not just ONE, but TWO of Obama's re-election co-chairs announced today that they are in favor of including marriage equality on the Democratic party's platform.

And lastly, here are Mitt Romney's 10 most out of touch moments of the campaign (so far).

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Religious Wrong: Pedophiles > Children

The Wrap-Up: February 28, 2012

There are many reasons that the Republican party looks like it is from the Stone Age. Rudy Giuliani points out one of them.

As social conservatives have been trying time and again to end marriage equality in Iowa, the states citizens are going in the exact opposite direction. Seriously, this trend is EVERYWHERE and the knuckle-draggers are fighting the long defeat.

While gay blogs are fairly common here in the States and elsewhere in the "West," they seem to be growing number in (of all places) Lebanon. This is how freedom movements these days start.

Rachel Maddow takes a look at Governor Bob McDonnell's (R-VA) vision for America. He's giving us a sneak peek here in the Commonwealth...unfortunately.

The New Hampshire GOP attempt at repealing marriage quality rears its ugly head...again.

We are learning more and more about embattled Sherriff Paul Babeu, and it looks increasingly unlikely that his campaign for Congress will end in victory.

Warren Buffett takes it upon himself to bust another conservative myth.

Governor Martin O'Malley has a very important bill to sign this week.

And lastly, you can see my state's legislature hard at work.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Trailer: Game Change

In case you haven't seen it yet...

Anything that is at Sarah Palin's expense HAS to be good.

Rick Santorum: Education is Snobbery

Let's dissect this shall we?

First, how is it snobbery to want everyone to go to college? Let's be real. The best jobs require degrees. To get a degree, you have to graduate from college. Therefore, to get one of the best jobs, one must go to college (this is called the transitive property, which I learned in school). Education opens options, better informs you so you can make better decisions, and makes one aware of the wider world. That the President wants these things for people isn't snobby, it just means he wants as good a future for the next generation as possible.

Second, did Obama say that people who didn't go to university weren't good and decent? Did he say they weren't hard working? Of course not, even though that sure is what Santorum seems to be implying in his third sentence. Of course there are hard-working, good, decent people who didn't go to college. He also seems to imply in that particular statement that people who do go to university aren't good, decent, or hard-working. Again, he is wrong.

Third, here we go again with "indoctrination." Some people who go to university do so to become engineers, computer scientists, and other technical professionals. I'm not really sure what's liberal about the differential equations or fluid dynamics classes they have to take, or how that can indoctrinate someone. Then again, I don't have Rick Santorum's extremely narrow worldview. As far as remaking the next generation in Obama's image, I'm thinking that Santorum is giving Obama's goals a bit too much credit.

Fourth, it sounds like he's about to rile himself into having a heart attack. Why so angry Rick? You're at a 10, we need you to bring it down to a 2, 3 max. Calm down.

Obviously, the most disturbing part of the video would be the applause and hooting the statements received. It really doesn't say anything good about Santorum's followers (i.e. the GOP) that this man is their standard bearer. So much of what he says is sheerly inflammatory with nothing to back it up. This clip is one of those moments that should crystallize in everyone's mind what a Santorum presidency would look like. It would make George W. Bush's presidency look pretty damn good, which is a very poor indictment on Santorum.

Democrats For Santorum

h/t: Joe My. God.

Marriage News Watch: February 27, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 27, 2012

With Washington state likely to face a ballot measure on marriage equality in November, current polling is pretty tight.

That is one reason that organizations like/including NOM are trying stunts like this to confuse Washingtonians. Another reason being they're just plain unscrupulous.

Things that make Rick Santorum sick: separation of church and state. Things that make me sick: Rick Santorum.

Speaking of Rick, on yesterday's Meet the Press, David Gregory calls Santorum out on his constant talk of social issues as Santorum tries to have it both ways.

If you have some conservative friends, there are some questions you should ask them.

Sen. Sweeney (right) with Gov. Christie
The story of this Republican's change of heart is further proof that change is possible when we are ourselves openly and honestly.

When a presidential candidate is struggling in their home state of all places, they are REALLY in trouble.

Big banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc) have seen record numbers of people leaving. Now, churches are dumping them as well.

The President of the New Jersey state Senate has made a promise to Governor Chris Christie.

And lastly, some members of Congress have taken some special photographs.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daytime Smooch, Moral Indignation

Pretty much everyone in the gay community is used to double-standards, hypocrisy, and various other "stones" we get used against us. Of course, that doesn't make it any better.

Case in point, last week on "Days of Our Lives" (DooL), there was a kiss featured on the show. No big deal, right? I'm pretty sure every day on every soap opera, someone is kissing someone else. Well, to some people, this one was a big deal because it was between two young men (Will Horton and a guy called Neil). Some people took exception. A fellow reader of posted some responses he had found:
1)Dear NBC-Days of Our Life,

 I really think it is a crying shame that you want to ruin the show by promoting gaynisum. How sad for you as I will no longer watch your show and everyone else that I know that watch’s your show , will be changing the channel when it comes on. It is very sickening to see two people of the same sex making out on public TV. This is not what I would teach my children or grand-children. It is so wrong and against “God’s” wishes.

Best Regards,
From a 35 Year Viewer of your show (20 likes)

2)This part was very disgusting. Made me sick to my stomach, thank goodness that I had it record on DVR so I could skip it. If they want to make will gay then whatever but don't show this on t.v. my kids can see this and I don't approve of it. I love Days and have watched it since I was little but if this continue I think Days will go down.

As to the first response, get some Pepto Bismol and get over it. As to the second, I can think of many reason your kids shouldn't watch this show (mainly, they should be in school), but two dudes kissing sure isn't one of them.

Seriously though, consider all of the things that happen on soap operas. There is lying and deceit, adultery and pre/extra-marital sex, murder and violence, drug use, and so many other things that are ACTUALLY abhorrent in real life. Given that soaps have survived (more or less) for several decades, I would say middle America not only eats all that up, but asks for more.

Let's go back to that first response I quoted above, the one saying that it's "against God's wishes." I wonder if that responder thought the same thing when DooL did a storyline years ago where a character was possessed by a demon. Yes, you read that correctly, POSSESSED BY A DEMON. Or, far more recently, Sami (Will's mother) cheated on her husband with an ex that she supposedly hates. Was there the same moral indignation there and then?

In fact, during any of these storylines on any of these shows that commit a forbidden sin prohibited (or allegedly prohibited) by religious faith, where is the moral outrage? Where are the threats of boycotts? None of that stuff seems to materialize...until they show those dirty homosexual perverts. Then, and ONLY then, do people feel so disgusted that responses like those above (and far worse) start flying about.

The anger isn't because "it's against God's will." If that's why they are so upset, then they would have stopped watching decades ago and soap operas would be completely dead. These people should just be honest with themselves. Don't drag God into it. Don't drag "morality" into it. You're just doing your so-called beliefs a disservice with such blatant ideological inconsistency. The good news is that people like these two responders are part of an ever-shrinking minority, which is probably part of why they're so angry. Being left behind by social change tends to do that to people.

The Conservative Agenda: Anti-LGBT Violence Is Normal

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 24, 2012

Gov. Bill Haslam (R-TN)
Homophobic politicians are finding it harder to get served, from a cafe owner in Tennessee to a hairstylist in New Mexico.

Speaking of Tennessee, its governor has something to say about that"Don't Say Gay" bill.

Another Texas politician is showing himself to be an ignorant idiot. When will Texas have enough of these clowns?

The Obama administration has made an awful call in regards to green card petitions for bi-national gay couples.

Most of what George W. Bush did as president was...terrible (that's the rated G version). However, appointing this federal judge was not so bad.

This kind of language is coming from the "statesman" that many Republicans want as their presidential candidate.

As some Washingtonians attempt to undo the state's recently passed marriage equality bill, the language they are using to do so has been called into other marriage equality opponents.

If you thought the Bush tax cuts were bad (p.s. the WERE, and that's putting it lightly), wait until you see the Romney tax cuts.

Maryland is now a freer, fairer state.

And lastly, Jon Stewart REALLY wants to make a Santorum joke.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 23, 2012

Might Gov McDonnell (R-VA) finally be getting the memo?

Hawaii's governor will not be defending the state's marriage equality ban.

A church that doesn't allow kids? Wait until you see why.

Despite what some would have us believe, some religious groups are FOR the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obama Care).

While sometimes it seems like homophobia is increasing here in the States, things are a bit different across the pond.

Herman Cain's quest for relevance is just...sad.

Rick Santorum is attacking the media for asking him about the very social issues that he is constantly talking about (unprovoked) on the campaign trail. He really has no sense of reality.

I'm thinking Brady Quinn should worry less about Tim Tebow praying and more about his own career on the field.

Does Virginia want a Senator that has some serious memory issues (at least when it comes to his own record)?

Oklahoma's attempt at a state DADT bill has gone down in flames.

And lastly, My hometown makes it to national television again, and again, it's for the wrong reasons. Great job Lynchburg...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tweet of the Day: February 22, 2012

The Religious Wrong: A President's Job

I could have sworn that the President's most important job was upholding the Constitution of the United States.

Rick Santorum: Best Headline Ever!!!


The Wrap-Up: February 22, 2012

Proposition 8 backers are taking another step in their effort to subjugate gay people to second-class citizenship.

A Fox pundit (Liz Trotta) doubles down on women in the military and how they shouldn't be there. And Fox is considered news because...?

CNN looks at what life is like after Sen. John Ensign's cheating and corrupt political career.

Even though it may seem like Santorum's rhetoric has gotten more extreme of late, it has always been this extreme. He's going beyond policy and making everything pretty personal.

Former Sen. John Ensign (R-NV)
Michele Bachmann's House re-election run just hit a snag. Hopefully, it ends up being a big snag.

Congressional Democrats are warning themselves against over-confidence.

For some Colorado Catholic charities, being homophobic is more important than being helpful.

A Washington Post op-ed casts Rick Santorum not as a conservative, but as something else...

And lastly, The View discuss Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Homosexuality Is Not

The Wrap-Up: February 21, 2012

As British football (read: soccer) attempts to fight homophobia in the sport, it looks like there is quite a way to go.

Rick Santorum is now speaking against entire denominations of Christianity. Some certainly has an inflated sense of his ability to judge.

CNN's Don Lemon takes on gay Republican skeletons. This brings back so many hilarious memories (and quite a bit of creepiness).

Virginia's Republican legislators are out of step with most of their constituents. I can't say that I'm surprised.

Might Ohio be on the way to repealing its marriage equality ban?

North Carolina's proposed marriage equality ban reaches beyond same-sex couples.

Rhode Island has several equal rights measures on the docket.

I don't expect this civil unions bill to go very far. After all, it is West Virginia. Still, good for this delegate for trying.

And lastly, here are 10 reasons that MSNBC should have fired Pat Buchanan ages ago.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Visits the David Pakman Show

Dumping the Big Banks

Marriage News Watch: February 20, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 20, 2012

Garden State Equality had an interesting response to Gov. Chris Christie's veto of marriage equality.

North Carolina's anti-equality amendment doesn't just affect marriage, it's effects are far more reaching and dangerous.

In other far-reaching legislation, several states are pushing back against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which allows for indefinite detention of Americans without trial AND allows for the U.S. military to operate within the United States.

To whom it may concern, THIS is how one makes up for saying something homophobic, instead of a half-assed "I'm sorry IF I offended anyone." Are you reading this athletes (not all, but they know who they are)?

New Mexico's version of DoMA (the so-called Defense of Marriage Act) is dead. My condolences (well...not really).

President John Adams
The Obama administration takes another pro-gay step  that we KNOW would not happen under a Republican president (and may be undone under one).

Speaking of Obama, he really can't catch a break with the GOP. Something bad happens and it's all his fault. Something good happens and it's a conspiracy. So much for giving props where props are due I suppose.

There is some interesting information on socialized medicine and health care mandates...from the 1700's...and passed/signed by the founders.

And lastly, got up early to get grilled on marriage equality. She's seriously spinning faster a windmill in a tornado.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marriage: Making Progress

Gov. Gregoire at the signing ceremony
This past week had some major moves on marriage equality in several states. Most of the moves were good, but not all.

Last Monday, Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington signed the state’s marriage equality bill into law. Now that the bill has been signed, opponents of equality pretty much have the go-ahead to start gathering signatures to put a repeal on the ballot for this coming November. They have until July 6 to collect 150,577 signatures to do so.
Both houses of the New Jersey state legislature have passed that state’s marriage equality bill. Unfortunately, the bill hit a wall in the form of Governor Chris Christie and his veto. Given how the vote shook out in the legislature, they were pretty far short of the 2/3 majority needed to override the veto. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they have until the end of the legislative session (which is in 2014) to muster the votes. In the Senate, the need about 3 more votes, but the climb is steeper in the House. It’s an uphill battle, but at least there are almost two years to fight it.

I couldn't resist using this pic of Gov. O'Malley
In Maryland, the House of Delegates passed the state’s marriage equality bill. It now goes to the Senate where it is expected to pass (it passed the Senate last year but died in the House). The Senate is expected to vote this coming week. Governor Martin O’Malley has pledged his support and was one of the main movers of the bill, so is signature is pretty much a done deal. Should the bill pass and be signed, it is expected that equality opponents, like their counterparts in Washington, will try to get a repeal of the bill on the ballot for November. Luckily, support for marriage equality is at about 50% compared to the opposition being at about 44%. But remember, it’s all about turnout.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 17, 2012

President Obama's numbers are headed back into positive territory.

Speaking of Obama, here is a look at what his budget may do for American jobs. Republicans, no doubt, will try to keep this from happening in their infinite "wisdom."
Here's a sneak peek into a Santorum presidency (it's looking pretty messy).

Another "Kill the Gays" bill is set to strike an African country.

Good ol' Chris Christie, staying classy as always.

Even though the House had a hearing on contraception, guess who was left off of the panel...

Things are looking increasingly bleak for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), and I'm not just to talking about the effort to recall him (though there's that too).

A high school football player tells of his experience of being a gay teenager in rural America.

It's really amazing how  Mitt Romney has done a complete 180 on such a range of issues, including Planned Parenthood.

Pat Buchanan is officially off of MSNBC. It certainly rook them long enough, now for Tony Perkins...

And lastly, Jon Stewart has a go at Liz Trotta (who said on Fox that military women should expect to be raped).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google, Pandering, & Other Romney Problems

The Religious Right: Standing for the Faithful

As someone who identifies as both Christian and gay, I am certainly heartened by this move. It happens far too often that people like Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, and many others, are called on by the media to speak for the faithful. They then proceed to spew the kinds of misinformation and discrimination that lands them with a "hate-group" brand. It is far past time that people of faith stand up and say that this is not what we are about, nor is it what our faith is about, nor is it what God is about. God is bout love, compassion, empathy, and understanding, and Tony Perkins speaks against all of this. As such, Tony Perkins DOES NOT speak for us.

MSNBC, you are officially on notice.

The Wrap-Up: February 16, 2012

When it comes to this recent argument over contraception, the GOP is (yet again) out of touch with most Americans...and most Catholics.

"Doctor" Keith Ablow (a psychological contributor for Fox) makes a judgement call on Media Matters founder David Brock. I wonder how much time the "doctor" spent with Brock to make this diagnosis.

As Freedom to Marry calls on the Democratic Party platform to embrace fulls LGBT equality (including marriage), Nancy Pelosi shows her support.

A committee in the New Mexico state House had a very disappointing way of celebrating Valentine's Day.

Virginia's drunk drivers are in the legislature's cross-hairs.

While I'm on the Commonwealth, some same-sex couples in the Virginia see reasons for optimism.

The most homophobic member of the New York state legislature may be seeking a seat in the House of Representatives.

Liebes Deutschland, YOU'RE WELCOME. Love, English-speakers.

A Civil Unions bill is advancing through the Colorado legislature.

And lastly, this didn't make the television broadcast at the Grammys (commercial break), but here is Adele's epic (and melodic) take-down of Newt Gingrich. Thank God her throat surgery went well or this may not have happened.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Conservative Agenda: Norquist's Low Standards

The Wrap-Up: February 15, 2012

Freedom to Marry is putting the heat on the Democratic Party.

One of these days, athletes will learn that anti-gay tweets are just going to get them in trouble. Unfortunately, that day has yet to arrive.

The Anoka-Hennipin school district's neutrality policy on anti-gay bullying has finally been replaced.

Romney and Santorum are in a statistical dead heat. I say battle to the death, winner gets the GOP nod.

Even in Romney's state of origin (not Massachusetts), Romney is losing to Santorum.

Here was one way you could have celebrated Valentine's Day: by breaking up...with Bank of America.

Did you know that marriage equality will lead to people marrying horses? I'm sure this problem is rampant in the 10 countries which have legalized gay marriage, they just choose not to tell us.

And lastly, the international community, including the European Union and the United States, is condemning an anti-gay "propaganda" law which is about to be enacted in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Explaining Obama's Budget

The Wrap-Up: February 14, 2012


Yesterday saw Washington state have marriage equality signed into law and the New Jersey state Senate pass a marriage equality bill of its own.

Yesterday also saw President Obama unveil his budget for fiscal year 2013.

Where Are They Now: Tea Party Edition.

Canada calls the U.S. on its problem with the gays.

"Women in the military should expect to be raped" (paraphrased...barely) is exactly the kind of punditry we have come to expect from Fox and its contributors.

An open letter was pinned for the LGBT students in the Anoka-Hennipin school district (the one in Minnesota that has seen a rash of suicides linked to anti-LGBT bullying).

The GOP blinked on extending the tax cuts...luckily.

Some Wisconsin legislators are making a move to undo Citizens United and end corporate personhood.

Some clergy members are lobby MSNBC to stop having Tony Perkins on-air. I wonder why since it's not like he's the leader of a hate group. Oh wait...

And lastly, the good news is that more mayors are on board with Freedom To Marry. The bad news, being a Hokie fan, I can't hate on Charlottesville nearly as much.

Monday, February 13, 2012

An Open Letter to the Glitterati

Dear Glitterati,

I get it. Seriously. I get the anger. I get the hurt. I get what it’s like for people to think of you as a second-class citizen. I get the frustration of not being treated equally under the law. I get it because I live it.

There are good ways and bad ways of going about expressing all of this.

What has never worked is violence and aggression. In the last month or two, all four of the remaining GOP presidential candidates have been glitter-bombed, some of them multiple times (or have experienced multiple attempts). This will not win anyone’s heart or mind to our cause. On the contrary, it will drive potential allies away. These aggressive acts will only have you (and by extension the rest of us) looking like an unruly mob as well as giving ammunition to those who seek to oppress us. You are taking people who are working to restrict our freedoms and instead of pointing out that they are perpetrators of discrimination, you are making them into sympathetic victims (and thus, winning support in their favor instead of ours). You are not helping yourselves, you are not helping the LGBT community, you are not helping the cause of equality, and you are NOT helping those who will come after us.

Speak the truth. Tell of your experiences with discrimination. Share your plight. Fight on the merits. I have always believed that the best weapon we have in the fight for equality is fact. The facts ARE on our side. When we share these facts with people and make our case, we win people’s hearts and minds. Also, the best thing any of us can do for the cause of equality is by being ourselves openly and unapologetically. It is by these means that we have made the progress that we have since the inception of the gay rights movement after Stonewall. It is by these means that this progress will continue on into the future.

Glitter-bombing is not the answer. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be of genuine help to the cause.

Rob from Virginia

Marriage News Watch: February 13, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 13, 2012

Today is the day that Washington Governor Chris Gregoire will sign marriage equality into law in her state. While it's definitely a good thing overall, I disagree with the timing.

Rick Santorum gives yet another reason for us not to want him as if we needed one. And yet again, he has no idea what he's talking about.

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney managed to break his losing streak...barely.

Despite that win, Romney's national out look is less than stellar. It's good for him that his campaign is loaded. 

Seriously, Santorum is just starting to sound paranoid. Okay, he's been sounding paranoid for a while, but this is beyond the pale.

Super-Tuesday is less than a month away and the GOP candidates will be all over the place.

Here is a look into that anti-Ellen spokesperson (Sandy Rios) who appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show last week (you can see that clip HERE).

Guess who is getting a brand new naval ship named after her...

And lastly, while CPAC (a conservative gathering in D.C) was taking place, protesters rallied outside, and Andrew Breibart made a colossal ass of himself trying counter them (and failing/flailing miserably).

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Conservative Agenda: Ending Employee Lunch Breaks

Who's At CPAC? Racists, Bigots...& Google!!!

Marriage in Washington: Patience

Gov. Chris Gregoire (D-WA)
Like many people across the nation, I am very happy that the state of Washington has passed marriage equality. All of us in this country who are fair-minded people are excited about this and wait anxiously for Governor Chris Gregoire to sign this marriage equality bill. HOWEVER, maybe she should not be so quick to.

It has already been said by the opponents of marriage equality that if the were to pass and the Governor sign it, they would move to repeal the bill via referendum. The number of signatures they would have to acquire is a relatively low 120,577. That’s that bad news (that and the fact that a ballot measure could go either way). The good news is that there is another trick that the governor has up hew sleeve: STALL. The opposition cannot begin getting signatures until after the bill is actually signed by Gregoire. The longer she waits to sign the bill, the less likely it is that the opposition will have all of the necessary signatures by the July 6th deadline. I’m not sure when is the latest she can sign it, but the more she puts it off, the better. So while we eagerly wait for that gubernatorial signature, we certainly should not push her to sign it…just yet.

Lastly, even here from literally across the country, I would like to thank Governor Chris Gregoire for her support and her action. Would that there were more leaders on this issue.

The Wrap-Up: February 10, 2012

Rep. Allen West (R-FL)
For those thinking of not voting for Barack Obama, here is one reason why you should (especially given that battles coming in the next few years).

Luckily, many of the trends (though not all) are in Obama's favor.

CPAC's convention began today, which I suppose explains this headache I have.

A British politician has stated that his country's conservative party is "riddled with homosexuals." And to think I thought American Republicans had cornered market on that brand of hypocrisy.

Rick Santorum has a real knack for not knowing what the Hell he is talking about.

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ)
Out-spoken (Tea-Party backed) Allen West, who has many outrageous statements to his credit) may have a strong "well-financed" Democratic opponent for his congressional seat.

Uganda's government tries to have its cake and eat it too...but fails in doing so. Unless you categorically denounce this bill, you are, at the very least, tacitly complicit.

Rep. Gabby Giffords had an interesting request for one of her former aides.

And lastly, today in political stupidity, a Mississippi legislator wants to axe the Gulf of "Mexico."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 9, 2012

The last known veteran of World War I passed away this weekend.

The Washington House has voted in favor of marriage equality. Hopefully, Governor Gregoire takes her sweet time in signing the bill though.

After catching a bad case of "Foot-in-Mouth Disease," CNN has suspended contributor Roland Martin.

The conservative position on cancer screenings: they're bad.

Speaking of silly conservative positions, the so-called Family Research Council is anti-Girl Scout cookies, and it has nothing to do with the calories...

...while CPAC is pro-white supremacy. Talk about ass-backwards priorities.

Dear climate change deniers, please explain!

Homophobia has a cost. In the case of anti-gay adoption policies here in Virginia, we know what those costs are.

You know that feeling when you're about to do something you know is wrong but you do it anyway only to regret it in very short order? Well, Komen for the Cure knows that feeling also.

The battle for marriage equality opens a new front: Illinois.

And lastly, some (read: many) Christians are choosing to boycott the boycott on Starbucks. Yes, I wrote that sentence correctly.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marriage in Maryland: Clergy For Equality

One Million Moms For Discrimination

Okay, so that isn't really what they're called but they may as well be. This is a conservative organization (One Million Moms...which is more like 40k on Facebook) that has hit the news recently. They are calling for JC Penney to fire their recently hired spokeswoman: Ellen DeGeneres. Why? She's one of those gay folks that's out to indoctrinate America's youth. I know that sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. This is seriously their reasoning. Here is a statement from their Facebook page:
Recently JC Penney announced that comedian Ellen Degeneres will be the company's new spokesperson. Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families. More sales will be lost than gained unless they replace their spokesperson quickly. Unless JC Penney decides to be neutral in the culture war then their brand transformation will be unsuccessful. Degeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. The majority of JC Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there. The small percentage of customers they are attempting to satisfy will not offset their loss in sales. JC Penney has made a poor decision and must correct their mistake fast to retain loyal customers and not turn away potential new, conservative shoppers with the company's new vision. By jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon, JC Penney is attempting to gain a new target market and in the process will lose customers with traditional values that have been faithful to them over all these years. Make a personal phone call to JC Penney's customer service department. Their numbers are 972-431-8200 (customer service) and 972-431-1000 (corporate headquarters). Ask JC Penney to replace Ellen Degeneres as their new spokesperson immediately and remain neutral in the culture war.
They want her fired solely because she is openly gay. Not because she's a felon, or racist, or anything of that nature. Only because she is gay. When a conservative organization is so bad that even Bill O'Reilly is against you, you really need to reevaluate yourself.

Let's get serious.

They really and truly believe that most of Penney's shoppers will be offended by DeGeneres being their spokesperson? Where are they getting these numbers from? I'm pretty sure there is no actual research on this for them to cite. If there was, I would put money on it saying that most people don't actually know who the spokesperson is. I would also bet that for those who DID know That Ellen is Penney's spokesperson, the vast majority would not care. I also highly doubt that Penney chose Ellen because they are trying to satisfy the gay community. It makes far more sense that they chose her because she is recognizable, likeable, and has a television show that is highly rated. It just makes good business sense. This middle America that OMM thinks will be offended by Ellen being the spokesperson to the point of boycotting are the very people who know her name, watch her show, and love her positive influence. OMM's view of this situation is, for lack of a better phrase, ass-backwards.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most high-spirited, positive, likeable people in the national spotlight these days. Her messages are generally about lifting people up. You have to be a truly despicable person NOT to like her. If OMM really thinks that she is the kind of person that will generate a massive boycott of anything, I suggest they get their heads checked because ironically, they just aren't thinking straight.