Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 8, 2012

What a day for Rick Santorum. First, he gets another opportunity for some verbal gay-hating, then he wins the Missouri Primary and the Minnesota Caucus.

These people seriously want you to believe that an amendment that restricts the rights of gay people and gay couples is NOT anti-gay. Seriously...

Mitt Romney and a Citizens United adviser is a completely unsurprising match, but it's still disgusting.

While many parts of the United States enjoy a mild Winter, Europe seems more like The Day After Tomorrow.

Rep John Fleming (R-LA)
I'm always happy when I can bring up a story where people of faith and faith leaders buck the (apparent) trend of religion-based homophobia, especially in places facing battles on LGBT rights.

How can INCREASING higher education funding make it HARDER to attend university?

It's funny when politicians make fools of themselves sometimes...until you realize that they're in the halls of power.

The embattled Vice President of Komen for the Cure resigned, but not before taking some parting shots.

And lastly, Bill O'Reilly is full of...surprises. You thought I was going to say crap didn't you? Well, there's that too.

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