Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wrap-Up: February 17, 2012

President Obama's numbers are headed back into positive territory.

Speaking of Obama, here is a look at what his budget may do for American jobs. Republicans, no doubt, will try to keep this from happening in their infinite "wisdom."
Here's a sneak peek into a Santorum presidency (it's looking pretty messy).

Another "Kill the Gays" bill is set to strike an African country.

Good ol' Chris Christie, staying classy as always.

Even though the House had a hearing on contraception, guess who was left off of the panel...

Things are looking increasingly bleak for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), and I'm not just to talking about the effort to recall him (though there's that too).

A high school football player tells of his experience of being a gay teenager in rural America.

It's really amazing how  Mitt Romney has done a complete 180 on such a range of issues, including Planned Parenthood.

Pat Buchanan is officially off of MSNBC. It certainly rook them long enough, now for Tony Perkins...

And lastly, Jon Stewart has a go at Liz Trotta (who said on Fox that military women should expect to be raped).

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