Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 12, 2012

Cheryl Pflug
Washington state's drive for marriage equality gained another important vote.

Simultaneously, there is a contrary effort by people on the other side of this issue.

Some of the GOP candidates have vowed to be tough on an issue that Americans are most concerned about: pornography.

What did we learn from the New Hampshire Primary? Among other things, not even Catholics like Santorum (who is one of their own).

The Lombardy Trophy
RWNJ's are all for prayer in school...depending on who you're praying to of course.

This year's Super Bowl will bring some disturbing advertisements to certain areas that will make last year ad with Tim Tebow look extremely non-controversial by comparison.
The Minnesota school district that has seen a slew of suicides due to anti-gay bullying is seeking to change the not really changing it at all.

Not only does Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) not care about Wisconsin's worker, he doesn't care about campaign finance laws either.

Warren Buffett
If New Jersey's push for marriage equality doesn't go the distance through the legislature (or the Governor's office), there is another option.

Republicans are eyeing the Senate in 2012 as low hanging fruit.

Billionaire Warren Buffett throws down a challenge to Congressional republicans.

And lastly, a story that melted the heart of this cynic.

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