Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 19, 2012

Karen & Rick Santorum
Lots of internet sites went dark yesterday, including Wikipedia, in protest of SOPA and PIPA.

I get that Karen Santorum wants to defend her husband (against the big bad gays), but this probably will backfire (if it hasn't already).

Michigan Democrats have a plan to address higher education in the state.

Jerry Springer
I feel like I have heard this repeatedly over the last few months, but Congressional approval has hit an all-time low (again).

As New Jersey moves to enact marriage equality, Garden State Equality is looking for witnesses to testify before a legislative committee.

Yesterday morning, Jerry Springer called out "Fox & Friends" on-air on their partisanship.

Scott Walker has a second  Democratic challenger.

The state of Washington has officially introduced a marriage equality bill into the legislature.

Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego
The four New York Senate Republicans who voted in favor of marriage equality are seeing a promise kept. Republican legislators in Washington should take note of this.

The United Kingdom's Deputy Prime Minister has responded to a conservative uprising regarding the nation's move to enact marriage equality.

A delay in the effort to overturn marriage equality in New Hampshire may be a very good sign.

The mayors of many of America's largest cities are sounding the call for marriage equality.

And lastly, tonight will see another GOP debate, this one aired on CNN at 8 PM. I'm enough of a political nerd that I haven't really gotten tired of these yet.

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