Friday, January 27, 2012

The Religious Wrong: Gays Are Empty & Unhappy

Of course I'm sure that discriminating against your fellow man is operating WITHIN nature and God's plan. 

While I' sure that not every gay person wants to get married (P.S. Tony, the same goes for straight people), I also think that all of us want the option of marriage should we find "the one." Has Perkins even seen a reputable study as to how many gay people want to get married? Of course not. Perkins' claim that most gay people don't even want marriage is a prime example of someone speaking out of their kiester.

The saddest part is that Tony Perkins pretends that he actually knows who gay people are, what we want and why. If he actually knew us - our minds and our hearts, what many of us have been through with our families specifically and society at large - he wouldn't spew the false filth that he does on a regular basis. He would realize that what we want is what everyone in this world wants: a fair shake and a fair shot at happiness. Tony Perkins is categorically opposed to fairness, which says nothing good about who he is.

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