Friday, January 20, 2012

Band of Hypocrites

Hypocrisy is definitely nothing new to politics on either side of the aisle. Hell, it is pretty much a daily occurrence. I have to say though that during last night's GOP debate on CNN, I was particularly disgusted. Time and time again, the four remaining candidates talked ad nauseum about individual liberty, freedom, and so on and so forth. The problem is that each one of those men, to varying degrees, have talked about restricting the rights of LGBT Americans. 

Each one of these candidates has talked about being against marriage equality. Three of them (excluding Ron Paul) have signed a pledge that states, in part, that they will support and fight for a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. What is even more hypocritical about this particular issue is how it goes categorically counter to their constant speech about states' rights. There are several states that have enacted marriage equality, as well as several others which are currently in the process of following suit. Such an amendment as these Republicans would support is a "screw you" to the rights of those states to expand the liberty of their citizens, as well as any who would in the future aim to enact marriage equality.

Then there is Don't Ask Don't Tell, which three of the four GOP candidates (Ron Paul again being the exception, he voted for DADT's repeal in 2010) have said they would try to reenact. DADT is a rule that flies in the face of equal rights as well because it forces gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers to at best hide who they are, at worst, outright lie. This is a problem not faced by their heterosexual counterparts.

There are several other issues where these Republican candidates abdicate the principles of individual liberty and equal rights such as (but not limited to) adoption, parenting, employment-discrimination, etc. They have made it clear that regardless of their repetitive rhetoric on individual liberty, freedom, and equal rights, that they are against those fundamentally American principles.

One more thing: If Newt Gingrich ever utters the words "sanctity of marriage," someone needs to cram those words down his throat until he cokes on them.

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