Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wrap-Up: January 30, 2012

When Grover Norquist, the conservative anti-tax crusader, was asked about what to do if Obama doesn't extend the Bush tax-cuts...let's just say the guy is on a bit of a power-trip.

It turns out that all of that "voter-fraud" being fought against in South Carolina isn't voter fraud, it's bureaucratic incompetence and silly mistakes.

When Republicans can't block and obstruct, they try to boycott instead.

Virginia's legislature really has its priorities say the least.

If this is what Newt Gingrich does after church, I don't know why he bothers going. Church isn't doing him any good.

This is probably the most delicious political statement I have ever heard of.

EBay gave the state of Utah an ultimatum.

And lastly, one little cartoon (hat tip: sums up 2 decades of GOP strategy.

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