Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Party FOR Obama?

President Barack Obama
No, that title is not a typo. I couldn't believe this when I saw it so I just had to check it out for myself. Given all of the ranting and raving that the Tea Party has done against President Obama, it is hard to think of a faction of Tea Partiers that would be pro Obama, but it appears that there is. Here is what their 'About Us' page says:

Our Mission

We strive to bring the truth to light. We have no hidden agenda or single cause to endorse. Ours is but a simple task…Freedom to live our lives without government interference, lower spending, fair taxes and a health care system that reduces spending and creates a health and happy nation.

Our Values

We value the truth without bias or opinion. The truth is what sets us apart and here is where you will find it.

Our Beliefs

We manned up and realised that the problem is that the recession began during the previous administration. And while it certainly worsened for the first year of Obama’s term, there are now signs that the economy is slowly improving. Unemployment is reducing and we are more secure not that bin Laden is no longer walking the earth.

We’re tired of getting criticised for not having a plan to back up our boisterous protests, we’re tired of being called racists, we’re tired of being called nutjobs.

So we looked at the situation with clear heads and realised that barring any true, qualified leader on the right, Obama is the only choice for 2012.

Help Us

The cost of our voice is high, but the price of doing nothing is even greater. We ask that you give what your heart feels is right. It is only through contributions that we are allowed to function and turn back the never ending tide of stupid partisanship and politics. Help us help you. I promise not one cent of any donation will go into the pocket of anyone associated with our organization. If fact, we have open books. If you would like to see our financial statements, please contact us.

Who are we?

We are patriots just like you, who want to build a better nation and know the truth is always more powerful that politics and partisanship.
I can't tell from the site how sizable this group is, nor their influence within the Tea Party. For all we know at this time, this could just be a rogue sect of the party. I'll be keeping up with this group during this campaign season to get a handle on who they are and the noise that they're making on the political scene (or on the off-chance this is just a hoax...you never know). You can find their website HERE.

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