Monday, May 14, 2012

A Year of Blogging

On May 9, 2011, I posted my first entry for this blog. This anniversary almost escaped my notice completely and had it not been for the last few days (which were extremely busy because of the day job), I would have gotten this post out sooner.

While not everything that has happened in the past year was good (Amendment One, I'm looking at you), there have been plenty of positives. Three states (Washington, Maryland, and New York) have enacted marriage equality. Though anti-gay bullying is a truly horrific thing, a light has been shed on this terrible epidemic. In fact, a film has been made that talks about the plight of bullying victims in schools, which will hopefully lead to a greater dialogue about how to end bullying. Don't Ask Don't Tell has been thrown onto the scrap-heap of history (hopefully there to stay). The Obama administration has gone from defending the so-called Defense of Marriage Act to not defending it, to (on the very anniversary of my first blog post) announcing that he supports marriage equality. The economy is (ever so slowly) improving despite the best efforts of the Republican Party.

My hope is that when I write about my two-year blogging anniversary, I'll be writing about President Obama's reelection victory, even more strides for the LGBT community, and progress in America's economy. However, those are goals that will require the work of many people, and I plan on being one of them.

Keep fighting the good fight from your corner of the world folks.

-Rob from VA

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