Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Religious Wrong: "Defending" Pastor Worley

I love how this woman has zero idea of what she speaks. What a great spokeswoman for the cause of homophobia.


  1. I kind of felt sorry for her. Such a limited intellect up against Anderson Cooper, who, thankfully, kept his claws sheathed for this one -- he really is a nice guy.

    But it was also interesting to see how homophobes will twist and turn to get out of admitting that they're just horrible people. "No, that's not what he said, that's not what I agree with, okay, yes, it is," and "Why do you keep bringing up the exact words he said? Just because he said that doesn't mean he meant it, except that that's exactly what he meant. What's wrong with rounding up people we think are sinners and tossing them behind fences?"

    Still, I can't quite hate her, she's too sad and ignorant and pathetic to hate. :(

    1. You're a kinder person than I because I don't feel sorry for her whatsoever. If you try to defend the indefensible (in this case hate, discrimination and ignorance), you deserve the pelting that you get.

      The mere fact that she couldn't see the direct parallel between what the Pastor said and the Holocaust she's how she is undeserving of sympathy. She's just lucky it wasn't ME interviewing her.