Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sandra Fluke to a Conservative's Defense

Sandra Fluke
I don't to remind anyone how despicable it was when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut for advocating women's access to contraception. What was worse was how so many other conservative jumped on the bandwagon, including conservative women. So much for sisterhood. Well, maybe sisterhood does exist, it just isn't a two-way street.

In an issue of Hustler Magazine, notable conservative activist S.E. Cupp was the subject of a very NSFW photo-shopped picture. Supposedly, it was satire. I must be missing the joke. While I'm sure that some thought it was funny (God have mercy on them), there was an interesting source of defense for Cupp: Sandra Fluke. Fluke condemned the photo as marginalizing women, particularly those who are public figures, to nothing more than sex objects. To be fair, I can't say offhand that Cupp was one of the conservatives that was badmouthing Fluke. However, it seems very rare for a conservative to leap to the defense of a liberal unprovoked.

You can find more information of Fluke, Cupp, and the Limbaugh debacle HERE on Raw Story's website.

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