Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Wrap-Up: May 29, 2012

Rudy Giuliani is definitely not a good spokesman for Mitt Romney.

A New Mexico health official was asked to resign after advocating condom use (the governor is one of those abstinence-only deluded conservatives). P.S. New Mexico has the nation's highest teen pregnancy rate.

Letters sent to the judge of the Dharun Ravi case may have influenced the sentence he handed down (again, I'm using the word sentence loosely in this case).

A brutal hate crime took place at a high school graduation party in Minnesota.

While demanding the right to hold a gay pride parade, about 40 Russian activists were arrested in Moscow. Note to self: do NOT go to Russia.

A debate will take place in London tonight (London time) on the possible implementation of marriage equality in England and Wales.

The state Supreme Court of Ohio has dismissed an attempt by social conservatives to stop a pro-marriage equality amendment.

North Carolina's "Concentration Camp" Pastor Worley faced a protest of well over a thousand people on Sunday (compared to a counter-protest of about 50).

And lastly, Donald Trump is still full of crap (i.e. himself).

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