Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Wrap-Up: May 2, 2012

Matthew Vines
A black minister spoke with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts against North Carolina's Amendment One.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor John McCain, Mitt Romney just pandered to the religious right big-time.

Unlike their counterparts in New York and Washington's fights over marriage equality, large North Carolina businesses are staying relatively silent.

It isn't JUST sociologists, psychologists, biologists weighing on LGBT equality. Now, anthropologists are also in on the discussion.

I have no idea how anyone could still have a radio show after saying to someone that they should have the lesbian raped out of them.

Did you know that President Obama was elected because he's black? It's a good thing we have Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) to tell us things like this.

Hudson Taylor
While Republicans are talking about increasing taxes on the poor/middle classes, Apple manages to dodge billions of dollars in taxes every year.

Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" bill is no longer under consideration. Dear Missouri, DO LIKEWISE!!!

Matthew Vines (who spent a little time doing research on homosexuality and the Bible) sounds off on gays in the Christian community (P.S. If you haven't seen the video from that first link, it is well worth a watch).

If you forgot or didn't know how inspirational Hudson Taylor is, first off, SHAME ON YOU!!! Second, here is a reminder. Would that there were more Hudson Taylors in this world.

And lastly, Zach Wahls is living proof that same-sex couples can be great parents just like anyone else.

Another reminder that there is less than a week until voting ends on North Carolina's Amendment One. If you or someone you know is a registered in the state, make sure you/they KNOW THE FACTS about this proposed law before heading to the polls.

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