Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is Romney's Bullying Past an Issue?

For my part, this IS an issue, especially at a time when so many kids are subject to such homophobic malice that they are succumbing to despair and committing suicide. In part for the reasons laid out by David Pakman. This was an illegal act, it was malicious, and it was handled badly in the media by Mitt Romney in such a way that Romney was obviously lying about some part of this story. This was not merely some stupid prank, this was a kid who was targeted and assaulted.

Something that was not said in the video is the fact that when an anti-bullying task force was formed in Massachusetts while Romney was governor, Romney eventually snuffed the task force out. Obviously his animus towards the LGBT community has not abated, he is just slightly better at hiding it by not openly/physically attacking gay people. His views are still there, and he clearly has never seen LGBT people as equals under the law, and he still doesn't. That, so far as I'm concerned, is reason enough for me to not vote for him.


  1. I am inclined to think that, no matter how serious it actually is, the feeling is that this is still just old news. It probably won't really sway votes, as the people who it could sway are going to be the people going "wellllllll high school is a looooooong way to go looking for dirt in a presidential election."

    1. I don't expect it to sway a significant number of votes either, let alone change, say, Ohio or Missouri or some other swing state. I was already not going to vote for him for a number of reason. This is just piling another one on the heap.

      It won't even be a story come November, but since the topic was out there, I just added my 2 cents.