Friday, May 25, 2012

LaVar Arrington on Gays in the NFL

On a DC radio show, former Redskin LaVar Arrington said that the first NFL player to come out as gay would (in time) be seen as a "national hero."
I know this, the first person that does it is going to be a hero. I know that. They may go through a lot of ridicule, they may go through a lot of different things, but this is one sport where you have not had a guy just outright while they were playing say look, this is what I am. I bet you he would turn out to be a national hero, if you ask me.
If you’re a player that has played football for a long time, if you’ve played in high school, if you’ve played in college, and if you’ve played in the league, you gotta be clear that there’s a  strong possibility that one of your teammates is homosexual. I don’t think that that’s something guys should e na├»ve about. It’s kind of that unspoken word type deal or you don’t ask I won’t tell type of deal. But I think it could go over a little bit better than what we would think, just based upon the fact that it would almost be like addressing the elephant in the room.

You can read the full report on Out Sports or listen to the interview.

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