Monday, May 7, 2012

The Wrap-Up: May 7, 2012

As of Sunday morning, Vice-President Joe Biden is on-record as supporting marriage equality. Now, he just needs to get his boss on board.

A British Tory (conservative) member of Parliament has said she has not met any gay couples that want to marry. Gay couples in the nation are fixing that problem.

A North Carolina newspaper has retracted its endorsement of a congressional candidate from the state of birtherism.

What might Rick Santorum want from Mitt Romney before endorsing him?

Despite being a hero for the political left, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has some work to do in gaining support from he large pool of Massachusetts independents.

With its massive, "successful," and on-going boycott of Home Depot (among others corporations), the so-called American Family Association is now setting its sights on Campbell Soups. In future news, Campbell Soups stock just tripled in price.

There are precious few openly gay Olympic athletes (especially from the States), but here is the story of one current hopeful.

This is, without a doubt, the best response to the homophobic/violent words of Pastor Sean "crack the wrist" Harris.

And lastly, here is more on what is wrong with America's health care system compared to that of other nations.

Tomorrow is the day of decision on North Carolina's Amendment 1 so make sure you are getting the word out to any and all North Carolinians that you know on the damage this amendment will do, not just to the LGBT community, but many other swaths of society in the state.

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