Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Wrap-Up: May 17, 2012

There are many ideas of what the Bible says about homosexuality. Here is what one ordained priest/theologian has to say on the matter (SPOILER ALERT: it isn't what you think).

George W. Bush will be writing a book on economic growth...because his administration was so goo at it, we're still reaping the benefits of it. Oh, wait...

In news that surprises no one, the American Family Discrimination Association thinks that all Americans being treated equally under the law is like cancer.

When Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) didn't like the U.S government's job numbers on Wisconsin, Walker decided to create his own numbers. There's being innovative, and then there's just plain making crap up. Walker chose the latter here.

Proof of Mitt Romney's fiscal conservatism: in 2007 (i.e. when he was Governor of Massachusetts), the state had the highest per capita debt in the country.

The version of the Violence Against Women Act passed in the GOP-led House was watered-down so badly, that a sexist national men's group (the National Coalition For Men) endorsed it. Luckily, the bill faces a presidential veto threat.

World famous boxer Manny Pacquiao would like to clarify his statement against marriage equality. I guessing the clarification will fall on deaf ears.

Is the filibuster even constitutional?

And lastly, a rundown of conservative boycotts that either haven't worked, or have actually backfired. Ah, the perils of zealotry.

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