Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Wrap-Up: March 1, 2012

Finally, the Virginia state legislature gets something right.

This is probably not the best thing to be happening to House Republicans going into a national election, but they brought upon themselves...again. Yet another reason Eric Cantor can't be trusted.

The fight against Super PAC's in the wake of Citizens United is being taken to the SEC.

Baptists are rallying against North Carolina's amendment to ban marriage equality.

It looks like all of those anti-woman statements may have cost Rick Santorum in Michigan. Time for a course correction.

Some very good news out of California on marriage. Sure it's about three years too late, but better late than never (I guess).

A funny thing happened to the place where NASCAR was founded...

And lastly, a message from the creator of the Gay Marines Facebook page where the kiss seen 'round the world was posted:

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