Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wrap-Up: March 30, 2012

Looks like MSNBC made a scheduling oopsie with Maggie Gallagher. I feel like someone may get fired for this.

Rick Santorum thinks that people without photo ID's are trying to commit voter fraud. Then again, he also thinks about people having sex with dogs, so there's that.

An anti "gay propaganda" bill has reached the Russian Parliament. Did all of America's theocrats had immigrate there?

The Tennessee legislature apparently thinks states are supposed to be laboratories of theocracy instead of laboratories of democracy.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing an uprising from his fellow Tories. How dare he want everyone to be treated equally under the law.

The Paul Ryan budget (which passed 228-191 in the house by the way) takes a huge bite out of Pell Grants. The GOP is bound and determined to ensure that this country can't compete in the global labor market.

The good news about this budget: it has little chance of getting through the Senate.

And lastly, though the Obama administration has been far from perfect (*cough*NDAA *cough*), here is a rundown of his 10 greatest achievements.

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