Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Religious Wrong: Blame Kinsey For Pedophilia

So according to these people, correlation equals causation? Yet again, at least in this instance, patently false.

As far as anything being commonly known as the "K-Bomb," I have never, ever heard that phrase until seeing this video. I Googled and didn't really find anything like what these two people were discussing with the exception of something from a Catholic website. That particular site, however, was talking about Weisman (the lady in the video) using the term. That was literally the only place I found "K-Bomb" used in this context. So as for this being common knowledge or a common term, that claim is false on its face. My hunch is that Weisman (or someone of her ilk) came up with this term and it is only used within that circle. It is anything but common.

Weisman also says the pedophile problem hasn't been happening forever. How exactly would she know that? When the Church was the law some centuries ago, I'm sure this was going on then. The difference is that in addition to the "normal" fear a kid would have about reporting your average authority figure, there is the added reality that a Church figure would somehow retaliate against said child with zero fear of repercussions. It would be relatively easy for the power of the Church to cover this up (which they still try to do to this day).

If the Catholic Church wanted to do something about the pedophilia problem within its ranks, it certainly could. A zero tolerance policy would send a strong message that the Church will no longer stand for its own officials harming children. Besides the obvious fact that this would save innumerable kids from molestation, it would be damn good PR. Instead, the Church does naught but hide pedophiles from criminal justice, sacrifice more children, and spend hundreds of millions of parishioners dollars on court settlements.

In short, the answer to the question "why does the Catholic Church have such a major pedophile problem" has nothing to do with Albert Kinsey or his research. The reason that the Catholic Church has such a major pedophile problem is because THE CATHOLIC CHURCH REFUSES TO LIFT A FINGER TO STOP IT.

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