Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lowlights & Highlights: March 31, 2012

I guess Carson Daly was trying to make a joke...and failed miserably. The comment he made was in response to a flight attendant going off to the point that he had to be restrained and they had to land the plane. Daly went on to say "With my luck, it would be like ... 'this is the flight going to [the gay pride parade] in San Francisco ... I mean, that would be my colleagues," and then said something else in a stereotypically gay voice. Was he aware that A) this is 2012 AD, not BC and B) the mic was definitely on? Anyway, Daly made it quite clear that he is no historian. He has since been educated on the matter.

When the four planes were hijacked on 9/11, there was one where the passengers managed to overtake the hijackers. This was the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, flight 93 if memory serves. On this plane was Mark Bingham. He was 6 foot 4. He was a rugby player. He helped to storm the cockpit. He was also gay. He IS a hero. Let this incident with Carson Daly be a lesson that everyone would do well to learn: do not presume to say what gay people are and are not capable of. You do nothing but show your own ignorance and arrogance.


Apparently, Rick Santorum is no fan of getting tweets from me. I found out this week that I was blocked from his twitter account @RickSantorum. For the record, I don't harass him, I don't threaten him, I don't even call him names (except homophobe, but only because it's an apt description given his record on LGBT equality). I do, however, tweet him in the form of a short letter every so often about some stance that he has with which I disagree, such as:

Also, I tweet quite often using his last name as a hash-tag (like the one above), and there are the many blog entries that involve him in some way. But honestly, I haven't done anything warranting an outright block. Maybe he has a thin skin.

There have been plenty of times when people in the Twitterverse have tweeted me something nasty, juvenile, homophobic, or whatever else. I have gotten into many a Twitter-battle, even multiple times with the likes of arch-homophobe Peter Labarbera (if you don't know who that is, count yourself lucky). I have yet to block anyone, not to say I haven't been tempted. You know what I do instead? I stand my ground. I argue my points using logic and try to keep the childlike tactics out of the conversation. I try to take the high road when possible. Blocking people just makes it seems like I can't handle what's being thrown my way. It's like retreating. Or Santorum's case, it's like starting a fight by saying the inane, factually incorrect and homophobic things he constantly says and then not having the means with which to defend yourself by blocking the other person/people. Maybe I have a thicker skin than Santorum. If this is the way he deals with people with whom he disagrees, especially little ol' me, he is not fit for the presidency.

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