Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Wrap-Up: March 29, 2012

While voting fraud incidents are very few and very far between, incidents of people being denied the right to vote are on the rise. Thanks Republicans!!!

More details from NOM's documentation: get stupid/pretty spokespeople. Because the Bible says so...right?

Speaking of NOM spokespersons, Maggie Gallagher was a no-show yesterday for an MSNBC interview. The show went on without her...somehow.

Mitt Romney's latest foray into (what he thinks is) humor: talking about his dad closing down a factory. Hardy-har-har...

With the Supreme Court ending it's hearings in the Affordable Care Act, the Washington Post takes us through 3 possible scenarios if the mandate falls.

Fox actually said something pro-envirnoment. In related news, Hell has frozen over.

President Obama probably wishes that the election were today instead of in 8 months. That's a political eternity.

Rick Santorum's home-state lead over Mitt Romney is virtually gone. Come on Rick, even Gingrich won his home state.

And lastly, I believe that this video will speak for itself.

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