Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Wrap-Up: March 6, 2012

HAPPY SUPER TUESDAY!!! Today will see 10 states hold their primary or caucus. The big question is will today's results clarify the GOP race?

Rick Santorum keeps giving us evidence of his theocratic nature.

I'm sure that this surprises no one, but, in Colorado's debate over civil unions, Focus on the Family (based in that state) is conveniently forgetting not to bear false witness.

The Human Rights Campaign certainly has its detractors, even on the pro-LGBT side. However, they have recently made what is being called a bold move.

In a Washington Post op-ed, Jonathan Capeheart explains why black and gay people SHOULD be working together for civil rights.

Even before this "slut" fiasco, did Rush Limbaugh really have the ratings that everyone claimed he had?

The play about the legal battle over Proposition 8 has helped to raise a lot of money.

A former cast mate and members of the faith community are sounding off about Kirk Cameron's "unnatural" statements.

The "ex-gays" of Minnesota were dealt a legal blow.

And lastly, Michele Bachmann sounds just as asinine as ever.

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