Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lowlights & Highlights: March 24, 2012

Paul Ryan's budget proposal is an absolute disaster. It literally steals from the poor and gives to the rich, it blows a whole in the nations debt/deficit to the tune of 3 TRILLION dollars (Obama's budget reduces it), and a host of other things. It's so bad that even faith leaders, generally more prone to support Republicans (like Ryan) than Democrats, are up in arms about how much this will hurt already disadvantaged Americans. Meanwhile, there are other Republicans saying that his budget proposal doesn't go far enough. Maybe they just want taxes on the poor to be 100% and taxes on the rich to be 0% (even though some corporations pay negative taxes already, meaning the government gives THEM money). It seems evident that the GOP is bound and determined to ruin this nation. You can find detail of the budget proposal HERE, HERE, and HERE.

In yet another attempt at overturning the marriage equality bill passed in 2010, the New Hampshire legislature failed. It's really amazing when you consider a few things. Not only are both of the state's legislative houses dominated by Republicans, but the party has a theoretical veto-proof majority in both houses. In other words, had they passed this, the Democratic governor would have vetoed the bill, but the Republicans could have overturned said veto. However, the Republican sponsors of the bill could not even muster a simple majority in the state House, where the bill died on the floor. I believe this is mostly due to the state's motto and the fact that New Hampshire has more of a libertarian strain. Many of the Republicans in the state legislature cited this as to why they voted against the bill.

The funniest part is that earlier in the day that the bill failed, the president of the National Organization for Marriage (Discrimination), Brian Brown, predicted a victory for his side on this issue. So much for his foresight.

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