Friday, June 8, 2012

The Wrap-Up: June 8, 2012

Denmark has become the eleventh nation to legalize marriage equality. So, about America and that whole "land of the free" schtick...

President Obama is, finally, drawing a line in the sand on the Bush tax cuts.

A group of House Democrats have proposed an almost $10 minimum wage. I'm sure the Republicans will line up to support this...right?

Did you know that the reason people are on welfare is because they don't read the Bible? No surprise, the guy who said this is, indeed, a RWNJ by the name of David Barton.

The Boy Scouts have no current intentions of ending their ban on gay members/leaders. So always be prepared to be homophobic is their new motto...which is very unfortunate.

In a blatant affront to the separation of church and state, over 100,000 elementary students will be taught about killing non-believers from the Bible. I guess the Constitution no longer matters to some folks.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is now openly defying the United States Department of Justice and going ahead with his voter purge.

A Florida Republican election county supervisor is defying Governor Scott's efforts to purge the voting rolls, showing that there may yet be hope for that party.

Four more members of President Obama's cabinet have endorsed marriage equality.

And lastly, the case for the success of the 2009 stimulus package.

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