Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lowlights & Highlights: June 23, 2012

When most of us found out that Dharun Ravi would only get 30 days in jail (and 300 hours community service) for the invasion of privacy that ultimately led to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, many of us were outraged. I know I sure as Hell was. I'm not saying that the book should have been thrown at him or that he should have gotten the maximum jail sentence (which I believe was 10 years). However, what he DID get was a mere slap on the wrist. I could not have imagined him getting less than a year in jail for video taping Clementi and a male companion like that against their will and live-streaming it on the internet, especially given Ravi's lack of apparent remorse.

Well as if that had not been bad enough, it gets even worse. He was released from jail after a mere 20 days. That's right, that slap on the wrist was apparently not a soft enough "punishment" (I'm using that word extremely loosely). I have no idea what the decision-maker was thinking, or if he/she was thinking at all. Not only this, but Ravi's defense team is appealing the conviction. These people just can not seem to get enough of tap-dancing on Clementi's grave, and that is what it seems like they are doing. Saying this is sad would be the understatement of the century. I can not begin to imagine what Clementi's family is going through, but it seems like all of this just adds insult to an already tragic scenario.


In things that were completely predictable, Bristol Palin's "reality" show bombed. Seriously, her mother was the popular one and even SHE didn't last more than a season on her show. Nobody cared about her, and they do even less so now since she has cashed in much of her Tea Party credibility by endorsing "establishment" candidates (like Orrin Hatch) over Tea Party backed candidates. Why did Lifetime, the network that airs Bristol's show, think anyone would care about her? Not only that but were I a woman, I would have been pissed off that "Television For Women" aired a show featuring such an ignorant female. The show has not been cancelled. However, with the way networks sometimes work, a quick increase in ratings is necessary for this show to live on...which I have to hope does not happen (and I don't see it happening either).

I don't generally like to revel in someone's failure, but fame-whores leave a bad taste in my mouth. The fewer on television and elsewhere, the better. Now if I could just see the Kardashians off of the air...

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