Friday, June 8, 2012

Stamping Out Citizens United

Ben & Jerry's is delicious. I have probably spent more money than I should buying this ice cream. At the least I can say that money has note gone to a corrupt businessman. Co-founder Ben Cohen is using an interesting tactic in his opposition to Citizens United and corporate personhood. This article comes to us from the Huffington Post:
Cohen -- a bankroller of the Occupy movement -- is participating in the launch of Move To Amend, which encourages people to rubber stamp dollar bills to protest the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision made in 2010, opening the floodgates for unlimited political spending by corporations. 

The stamps will feature a number statements such as: "Corporations are not people," "Money is not speech," and "Not to be used for bribing politicians," according to a Move to Amend press release

The organization seeks to do just as its name suggests: build support for amending the Constitution to say that corporations do not have the same rights as people and that money is not a form of speech. Such amendment would, in theory, overturn Citizens United.
It's great to see at least some exception to the rule. While many multimillion/billionaires like the Koch Brothers are pouring countless dollars into buying politicians at all levels of government, there are some who realize that this nation is supposed to have a government by the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE. Now if only his line of thinking was the rule instead of just the exception, maybe this country would be in far better shape.

Kudos to you Mr. Cohen. Hopefully, your example starts a trend.

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