Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wrap-Up: June 18, 2012

 Dear Nevada, I know your values are all kinds of screwed up, but really? You are more in favour of legalized brothels than marriage equality? FAIL!!!

The Supreme Court will soon be ruling on whether or not the individual mandate of President Obama's Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

Rick Santorum has no intention of serving in (Heaven forbid) a Romney administration.

Even if you aren't an NBA fan (I know I'm not), you should want Miami to beat Oklahoma City.

President Obama's change in immigration policy is getting support Evangelical leader? They really want to voice support for him on anything? I'm genuinely surprised.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney refuses to say whether or not he would repeal Obama's new policy on immigration.

The Michigan legislator who was banned from speaking on the floor merely for saying "vagina" (how dare she) is striking back. And yes, Michigan Republicans are legislating vaginas, but for some reason, saying the word is a parliamentary no-no...for some reason.

Did the Richmond Circuit Court merely appoint a judge, or give an intentional "screw you" to Virginia's homophobic conservative Assembly members? Either way, Bob Marshall is pissed, which means something great happened.

And lastly, a self-described homophobic Christian did what more people (especially Christians) should do: he tried to walk a mile in our shoes.

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