Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wrap-Up: June 14, 2012

There is a slow-burning revolt against homophobia from within the Mormon Church.

Another victim of voter ID laws: a 95 year old Wisconsinite.

After a noted silence, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has announced his support for his state's voter purge. Gov. Scott must be thrilled.

The International Olympic Committee is seeing increasing pressure to ban nations that outlaw homosexuality.

A humanist group has filed a complaint in North Carolina about the state violating the first amendmentin using churches as polling stations. It isn't surprising that this happens in North Carolina, but that it happens all over the nation.

Troy, Michigan's mayor has struck again. Seriously lady, we get it, you don't like gay people. Next topic please...

A co-founder (Jimmy LaSalvia) of conservative gay group GOProud was interviewed Wednesday morning by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts.

I had no idea that marijuana was as "legal" as it is (at least where states are concerned), but it may become even more so.

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives have sign on to a call for the state to protect citizens from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identification..

And lastly, President Obama is urging Maryland voters to vote against the state's proposed marriage equality ban. With Mitt Romney supporting a federal marriage ban, I wonder who I should vote for...?

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