Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Wrap-Up: June 28, 2012

Former first lady Laura Bush and former vice-president Dick Cheney are being called out, but not by the left.

Congressional Republicans are coming up with lots of "reasons" to impeach President Obama.

Bryan Fischer, leader of the conservative, Christian group American Family Association thinks that we should let poor sick people die. I think he needs to reconsider his religion, since he has zero understanding of the Bible.

The U.S. may cut aid to Uganda because of the African nation's crackdown on the gay community.

The president of Exodus International takes about a half step towards being more progressive, admitting that homosexuality can NOT be cured (although the rest of us knew this ages ago). Half a step is better than nothing.

Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) along with about 36 other representatives will today be launching a congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus. It's that this is necessary, but good that kids will (hopefully) be protected.

Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber were on the House of Representatives? Wait for the explanation...

A committee in the California state assembly has approved a bill banning "reparative therapy."

And lastly, Republicans with delusions of grandeur. It must have been hard to narrow this down to just five, but these five are pretty big ones (especially the final one on this list).

NOTE: The Supreme Court will handing down their ruling on the Affordable Care Act (I believe) at or before 2 PM Eastern.

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