Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Conservative Agenda: Thinking & Voting = BAD


  1. Don't hold back, Cenk, tell us what you really think. ;D

    It is interesting that they're actually admitting what I've believed for years: if people can be taught to distrust education (i.e. critical thinking), then they'll never realize that they're being lied to. Just tonight I saw a post from a fb friend, all hopped up about Obamacare passing. He's totally in the Republican's court now. He's also gay. Not sure how that's gonna work out for him, especially if his critical thinking skills don't kick in soon. (I didn't call him on that part, since I think he's not out to everyone, but oh, lord, how I wanted to.)

    1. I've done a couple of posts on how conservatives are anti-intellectual and anti-education. It's really sad...and scary. They're getting bolder and more blatant. Why the Hell isn't the other side pushing against this?

      And don't get me started on gay Republicans. I've done some posts on that too.