Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boycotting Gay-Friendly Companies

There has been a pattern developing over the last few years. Any time a major corporation voices their support for LGBT equality, advertises in a gay magazine, or anything of this nature, a boycott is called for by homophobic organizations including (but not limited to) The National Organization For Marriage (Discrimination) and the so-called American Family Association.  We saw this when Home Depot sponsored gay pride parades. We saw this when J.C. Penney announced that Ellen DeGeneres would be their spokesperson. We saw it when Starbucks announced their support for Washington state's marriage equality bill. Now, we are seeing it again with General Mills announcing that they are against a  proposed anti-marriage equality amendment to the state constitution of Minnesota (where the corporation is based) as well as with Nabisco/Kraft which support Pride Day.

What would happen if this mentality were taken to its logical conclusion? By this, I mean what would happen if people that are against LGBT equality boycotted EVERY corporation, business, person (doctors, lawyers, etc), and so on, that in some way supports LGBT equality? Essentially, they would have to boycott American life altogether.

...Furthermore, NOM would eventually also have to boycott all the American companies and organizations that support same-sex marriage including Apple and Microsoft (no more computers for NOM!) and the Ford Motor Company and Boeing (good luck getting a car or plane ride, haters).

Plus, they'd have to boycott the over 858,854 doctors, lawyers and mental health professionals who are a part of pro-gay associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Bar Association, the American Medical Association and the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations as well as the 16,070,453 auto workers, service industry people and educators unionized under the pro-marriage AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union and the National Education Organization.

In short, the National Organization of Marriage would have to ask its supporters to basically drop out of American life and go live in a cave where they can eat insects, drink rainwater, strap cornhusks to their feet and use rocks and fire to communicate to each other... 

That's just fine by me. You can read the entire article from HERE.

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