Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 8, 2011

Peter Sprigg
Here is a brief overview of what will be happening today when the 9th Circuit Court hears arguments about releasing the Proposition 8 tapes.

To answer the question posed in this headline, no. The GOP race was ALREADY a circus. This Trump debate is just making it worse...or better, depending on one's perspective.

That historic speech by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is drawing ire from the likes of Peter Sprigg...which can only mean it was a damn good speech.

Also sharing his never ending "wisdom" is Pat Robertson.

Clinton's speech was over 30 minutes long, so if you're looking for an abridged version, you are in luck.

Not only did marriage equality not destroy the state of Iowa, it actually helped the economy a bit.

Tyler Clementi
The family of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student who committed suicide after his roommate and an accomplice posted video of him and another man online, have formed a charitable organization to promote acceptance of gay teens and discourage bullying. Hopefully this will bring some good out of an incalculable tragedy.

What may be the national theme in this election cycle for Democrats? One word: FAIRNESS.

Another reason big corporations don't need a tax cut? Many spend more on lobbying than they pay in taxes. Remember this when you're at the polls next year.

As many as 3,000,000 Wisconsinites could face a major barrier when it comes time to vote next year.

Jon Stewart
The mother of a chronically bullied gay teen is going on the offensive against the school district.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a resolution saying that corporations are NOT people. Even though this measure is non-binding, it shows that those 11 people have a better understanding of the United States Constitution than at least 5 members of the United States Supreme Court.

And lastly, since yesterday I showed you some of Stephen Colbert's greatest gay moments, it's only fair I give Jon Stewart the same opportunity.

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