Friday, December 30, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 30, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)
Apparently, Rick Perry was too proud to ask for details of the court case he was asked about so that he could answer the person's question (instead of blathering on). By the way, the case in question was Lawrence v Texas...which took place during HIS administration (2003). Can he remember anything?

Michele Bachmann's former Iowa campaign chair is endorsing someone else. How the "mighty" have fallen.

Conversely, Rick Santorum may be seeing his time in the Sun.

This is unfortunate timing since Santorum is "peaking" as we approach the Iowa caucuses. This man wants to fundamentally change the United States Constitution.

Sir Ian McKellen (you be the judge)
Some people are so adamantly homophobic that they will even destroy church property as a result.

Former/current congressional Republicans are coming forward to say that Newt Gingrich supported a measure that many conservatives see as exploding the national debt. So much for being for smaller government. 

Also, in Gingrich flip-floppery, Cap-and-Trade!

Ron Paul has been touting an endorsement from a preacher that is so anti-gay that he supports the death penalty for gay people. Ironically, I always thought that Paul bore a striking resemblance to Sir Ian McKellen.

Whichever Republican winds up winning the GOP nomination, there is this significant problem they will face in their battle against President Obama. I would guess that the GOP debates had an affect.

Andy Towle
Cardinal Francis George, after editing previous statements, has reiterated his analogy between parades for Gay Pride and Ku KluxKlan marches. This man is a general failure and luckily, Illinois Catholics aren't buying his snake oil.

Truth Wins Out will be running this strongly worded full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune calling for George to resign.

And lastly, Towleroad takes a look at the past year in LGBT rights.

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