Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 16, 2011

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins
Apparently, U.S. postal offices have a ban on Christmas caroling. Cue the outrage from Tony Perkins.

A Virginia board has officially given adoption agencies license to discriminate based on, among many other things, sexual orientation.

It was reported earlier this week that most of NOM's money comes from a handful of large donors (making it NOT a grassroots organization). That, combined with other financial issues, has apparently pressed NOM to plead for more donations.

Those controversial provisions of the NDAA may have been insisted on by President Obama.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Tax holidays, which politicians propose in order to help with job creation, don't create jobs. Ad this to the list of things Republicans don't know about economics, as if the list wasn't already a mile long.

The European Union is  not looking to kindly on some anti-LGBT moves made by Russia. 

Herman Cain thinks he would be a great Secretary of Defense. I get that he ran Godfather's Pizza, but seriously...

Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA)
Do you know anyone with homophobic parents? Do you have homophobic parents? Have them give this a read.

Republicans beware! Anti-incumbent sentiment is at an historic high. 

What does Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) have to say about climate change deniers?

And lastly, Jon Stewart took aim at Lowes, TLC, the Florida Family Association, and Islamophobia on "The Daily Show."

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