Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 13, 2011

Glenn Beck
Did Glenn Beck just call the Tea Party racist?

A study shows the unmarried Evangelicals are getting busy about as much as everyone else.

Fox has a truly terrible problem with telling, or in this case showing, the truth. No wonder their viewers are the least informed of all network news viewers.

In more Fox fakery, they want you to believe that palm trees grow in Moscow, Russia. Personally, I think anyone who would watch Bill O'Reilly for anything other than a laugh probably would go with it.

State Sen. Matt McCoy (D-IA)
While in Iowa, Rick Perry was confronted over his anti-gay stance. Wait, Perry is anti-gay? When did this happen...

An Iowa state senator fears his state's recognition of marriage equality is teetering on the brink (mainly because it is).

A bipartisan group is coming together to oppose the repeal of New Hampshire's marriage equality bill (most New Hampshire residents are against repealing the law).

Martina Navratilova
At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, a gay (and married) Vietnam vet takes on Mitt Romney on marriage equality and New Hampshire's recognition there of. Stay classy Mitt.

For all of his talk about strong stable families, it's somewhat surprising that Santorum is okay with splitting up immigrant families. Maybe this is his brand of compassionate conservatism.

There's some back and forth going on between tennis stars going on far from a tennis court.

The last of Elizabeth Warren's primary opponents has left the field and endorsed her. Now she can focus squarely on Scott Brown and Wall Street.

And lastly, the Kinsey scale just got more complicated (and I need a new number).

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