Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 27, 2011

Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI)
That endorsement that Rick Santorum got from an Iowa conservative leader may have been bought...because that is what God would do I suppose.

Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) makes it clear that he does not care about the health of the LGBT community.

Across the border in Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton had something to say about the "sanctity of marriage" hypocrisy in that states' legislature (the state has a proposed constitutional marriage equality ban on the ballot next November).

If you're wondering what exactly they're talking about, this article gives you the low-down, as well as a reaction from Minnesota's LGBT community on the second page (which is pretty awesome).

Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA)
If marriage equality existed throughout this nation, heartless stories like this would not happen.

Though it may not pass (and even if it does, it's a half measure), a West Virginia delegate is taking a shot at passing a civil unions bill in the coming year.

There are some not-so-good polling numbers coming out of Virginia for Eric Cantor (a Virginia congressman and the House's #2 Republican).

The New York Republican Senators who voted in favor of marriage equality there have received mainly positive feedback.

John Lawrence, as in "Lawrence v. Texas" (which in 2003 ruled that anti-sodomy laws in the U.S are unconstitutional) passed away this past Friday.

Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney falsely claims that the Obama administration has not created any jobs. Then again, he also falsely claimed that corporations are people, so his "facts" are less than stellar.

Australian psychologists, just like their American counterparts, agree that access to marriage equality leads to better mental health outcomes. 20,000 shrinks can't be wrong.

Newt Gingrich may have gotten caught in another lie. One would think he would get tired of this...

And lastly, here is a clip of Ron Paul discussing some of his fellow candidates on Jay Leno.

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