Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Wrap-Up: December 6, 2011

Jamey Rodemeyer (1997-2011)
The Supreme Court may hear an appeal over Texas' redistricting map.

 The students who bullied Jamey Rodemeyer have been suspended by the school. Too bad they did this months too late to keep 14 year-old Jamey from committing suicide because of the abuse.

The racial improprieties that helped lead to the bursting of the housing bubble were apparently intentional.

The Kentucky church that barred interracial couples from church membership has been overruled.

While Mitt Romney keeps calling himself a "job creator," at least one (if not more) of his business partners is saying otherwise. His GOP rivals should send this guy a Christmas basket. This is seriously fodder that he can, and should, be clobbered over the head with.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA)
Speaking of Mitt, former Vice President Dan Quayle is set to endorse him today. Surely Romney will have this race in the bag as a result...

Two years out and this Gubernatorial race in Virginia is already heating up, and the GOP may hand it to the Democrats...if they can field a viable candidate (my favorite part of the article is the second sentence).

Holy draconian punishment Batman! For the irredeemable crime of burping during class, a kid was sent to juvie and suspended from school for the rest of the year. There really aren't words for how absolutely stupid things like this are.

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A policy may be adopted in North Carolina where adopting certain "bully breeds" will be banned and said dogs would be killed. Anyone else get a whiff of genocide from this story?

It turns out that the owners of Zucotti Park (where Occupy wall Street has been centered) are some of the very same tax-dodgers that the protesters have been fighting against. Small wonder said owners tried to get the protesters evicted.

Over the weekend, Australia's ruling party voted to endorse marriage equality. The nation's only real hurdle: the Prime Minister.

And lastly, Michigan music teacher tried to make "Deck the Halls" less...gay. Some of the responses to this story are hilarious.

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