Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Wrap-Up: November 16, 2011

Clearly he's thinking of his loving wife, Michele.
Congress seems to be okay with America's kids being fat and unhealthy. HURRAY DIABETES!!!

Marcus Bachmann wants his money, OR ELSE.

Wisconsin's disdain for Governor Scott Walker was just brought home...or at least into his neighborhood.

Rick Perry doesn't want foreigners at his Town Hall meeting. I guess they'll be stopped at the wall by border control.

This story makes zero sense, unless you take into account that it is in Texas.

Restoring some of my faith in Texans (you guys have a lot to make for with Perry AND Bush) is this story of parents rallying around a teacher/coach fired allegedly for being lesbian.

It looks like Mitt Romney didn't just flip-flop on homosexuality/marriage equality once, he did it twice. How is this guy not dizzy from flipping so much?

In the run-up to the Senate Judiciary's hearings about repealing DoMA, state and local lawmakers wrote the body outlining 5 primary reasons to dump the law.

Today is being called a "critical" day in the Super Committee's journey to find $1.2 trillion in budget cuts with only one week before time runs out. has come out with a list of the 21 most notable coming-out stories of the year. My only issue is that there is another month and a half left.

Herman Cain doesn't think he, as a presidential candidate, is supposed to know anything foreign affairs. This really is the Clown-of-the-Earth.

While many of the GOP candidates are ecstatic about water-boarding (because it works so well), the CIA seems more reluctant.

Rick Santorum seems to know more about this lesbian than she does. His hubris truly knows no bounds.

Yesterday, a security guard at Zucotti Park, where OWS-NYC is head-quartered, called a 6-year military veteran (when was Veterans Day again?) a "faggot." Today, that security guard is jobless.

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