Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Wrap-Up: November 15, 2011

Aaron Copland
Yesterday was the birthday of the late Aaron Copland, one of the best known American composers who was also openly gay.

Catholic Charities ended its lawsuit against Illinois, which had decided to not renew contracts with CC because they would not place children with same-sex couples. In other words, they ended the suit because they were going to lose big-time. How can you sue someone for not renewing a contract any way?

Rick Santorum blames Mitt Romney for marriage equality. Who does he blame for his terrible poll numbers though?

Herman Cain really stepped in it with an interview on Libya.

In other "stepping in it" news, a radio host apologized for "allegedly" equating homosexuality and pedophilia in a conversation about parenting in the wake of the Penn State scandal. This was actually the second apology, as the first was your classic "...if we offended anyone..." apology.

Rep. Gabby Giffords (R-AZ)
Speaking of said scandal, Jerry Sandusky had his first interview (with Bob Costas) since the story broke. I didn't even get to the 3-minute mark (it's about 9.5 minutes long) before I had to stop. It's fairly graphic so consider yourself warned.

In another first interview since a terrible incident, Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords (D-AZ) had hers with Diane Sawyer.

Tennessee's anti-gay "Special Access to Discriminate" bill is getting taken to court. Its passage was a particularly slimy process.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Despite the protesting of Mayor Bloomberg, a New York judge has said that the REAL protestors can return to Zucotti Park after a night time raid. At least he was right on marriage equality (silver lining).

With seven weeks left until the Iowa Caucuses, it looks like a 4-way (Perry-less) race is shaping up.

The Michigan legislator who proposed the "moral" exception to the state's anti-bullying law has agreed to drop that language. Maybe someone told him there is nothing moral about bullying, whatever the reason behind it may be.

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