Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election Day Highlights

It as an eventful Election Day and a good one for progressives Americans. Though it wasn't a shutout, there were many notable victories and loses.

-The Iowa states Senate maintained a pro-marriage equality majority despite money pumped into a special election by the National Organization for Marriage

-The anti-labor bill in Ohio which restricted collective bargaining rights was defeated by Ohioans.

-The Virginia state Senate is in limbo, hinging on less than 100 votes in the district 17 race (this is why every vote does in fact, count). However, the state elected its first openly gay senator Adam Ebbin.

-The New York clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples was re-elected.

-A personhood measure (which would have defined a human being as from conception or the functional equivalent thereof) was defeated in Mississippi.

-A number of cities elected their first openly gay council members including Charlotte, NC, Cincinnati, OH, Missoula, MT, and Indianapolis, IN.

-Openly gay Houston mayor Annise Parker won re-election by 51% avoiding a runoff election.

-Massachusetts elected America's youngest gay mayor Alex Morse of Holyoke, age 22.

-Traverse City, Michigan voted to retain an LGBT-iclusive non-discrimination policy.

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