Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wrap-Up: November 4, 2011

What is it with Texas conservatives and antisemitism?

Felony charges have been filed in the case of an Ohio student beaten by an anti-gay bully while a second hate-motivated incident has struck the very same school.

YOGA IS SATANIC!!! This has been brought to you by the same pastor who said male masturbation is gay.

The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill pushing abstinence over contraception, paving the way for the state to face far higher numbers of teen STI's, teen pregnancies, and abortions.

This is an example of why Teddy deserves to be on Mount Rushmore.

Michigan passed an anti-bullying bill...which offers no protections for anti-gay bullying despite being named after a victim of anti-gay bullying who later committed suicide. These people are absolutely unscrupulous and they're actually protecting the bullies.

Minnesota for Marriage is using a possibly illegal tactic to get support for an anti-marriage equality amendment. Do we really expect anything less from such people?

Truth Wins Out talks about Rick Santorum and theocracy.

The Family Research Council gave a pro-family award to Rep. Joe Walsh who owes over $100,000 in child support, once again showing that FRC is not actually pro-family.

MMA's Daniel Puder has started a school-based anti-bullying campaign called "My Life My Power."

70 U.S. corporations (many of which you would recognize) joined together in filing an Amicus brief in the fight against DoMA. This law is seriously getting piled on of late...which is awesome.

Don't forget that Tuesday is Election Day and every vote matters. Here is a page for Virginia voters to look at.

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