Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wrap-Up: November 29, 2011

The Supreme Court
Kansas state law has apparently been ignoring the Supreme Court of the United States.

The LGBT community's engagement in the political process, especially now, is extremely important, and here is the Supreme reason why.

The Supreme Court also handed my home state's Attorney General some bad news on health care (which makes me quite happy).

A United Airlines agent made the skies not-so-friendly for this gay couple. 

While much of the African continent is embroiled in extreme homophobia, there are some people there still willing to put their lives on the line to fight the good fight.

Meghan & John McCain
Meghan's new gig may be causing a little tension in the McCain family.

I'm pretty sure this is the death-knell for whatever chances Herman Cain had for winning the GOP nomination (and they were already quite small).

According to this billionaire, asking the super-rich to pay their fair share is akin to Hitler invading Poland. How have people not learned to leave Hitler out of political discussions?

Contrary to what most of the GOP presidential candidates are saying, Barney Frank did not create the housing bubble (which was a more global phenomenon).

Speaking of Barney Frank, in the announcement of his retirement, he took a few shots at Newt Gingrich.

Scott Olsen
Scott Olsen, the Iraq veteran who was injured in Occupy Oakland has done his first interview since his injury.

A New Jersey legislator has done quite a 180 on the state's effort to recognize marriage equality.

And lastly, Jon Stewart takes down Herman Cain and Rick Perry as only Jon Stewart can.

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