Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Wrap-Up: November 3, 2011

Here is a look at a different sort of haunted house.
I did a post a while back stating how I was against the LGBT community glitter-bombing. Let me say now that I'm doubly against it when it is against our own

THIS is, unfortunately, what some people get when they are in need after serving their country.

Some (emphasis on some) U.K. teachers told bullying victims to act less other words, they blamed the victims. Classy...

Goldline, a company approved by Glenn Beck, is facing 19 charges of fraud and theft, again showing Beck's great judgement.

While I'm not sure he was at fault directly, Mitt Romney has been linked to the 2nd largest ponzi scheme in American history (second to Bernie Madoff's).

The good part for Cain in being accused of harassment? Major fundraising fodder...which doesn't much about those donors (at least nothing good.

Rick Santorum stated that he doesn't see himself accommodating equal rights. The only reason I'm okay with that is because it looks like most people aren't accommodating his bid for the presidency.

Most Americans are on board with equality for transgendered Americans.

While House Republicans (except 1) are all for DoMA 133 House Democrats have filed an Amicus brief against it. While I'm happy about this, it would have been better if something like this had happened when they were the majority.

Here is another reminder that Election Day is this coming Tuesday and HERE is something for Virginia voters to look at. Do your civic duty folks.

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